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Google Local Business Listing Optimization Guide by Red Kite SEO
via blog – SEO Services | Internet Marketing | Web Design Things We Didn’t Know About Optimizing Google My Business Listing   We can all probably agree that the first step toward building an SEO strategy is claiming and verifying our local GMB listing. Not only does it increase our chances of showing up on Google’s services, but it also helps us show up in the …

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yesterday by redkiteseo
3 Benefits Of Wi-Fi Irrigation Controllers
Internet-connected devices have changed the way many homeowners are living. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and purchase a Wi-Fi irrigation controller for your property.
controllers  internet  irrigation 
yesterday by Adventure_Web
The Road to QUIC
Another interesting case related to software evolution. Why are existing systems so complicated? Because to get adoption, we have to build on top of existing systems and work within existing ecosystems (like the many network appliances between you and the computer you're talking to).

In order to deliver on its promises, the QUIC protocol needs to break some of the assumptions that were taken for granted by many network applications, potentially making implementations and deployment of QUIC more difficult.

QUIC is designed to be delivered on top of UDP datagrams, to ease deployment and avoid problems coming from network appliances that drop packets from unknown protocols, since most appliances already support UDP. This also allows QUIC implementations to live in user-space, so that, for example, browsers will be able to implement new protocol features and ship them to their users without having to wait for operating systems updates.

However despite the intended goal of avoiding breakage, it also makes preventing abuse and correctly routing packets to the correct end-points more challenging.
internet  network  protocol  software  evolution  tcp  performance 
yesterday by jefframnani
Building the Peer-to-Peer Internet
Workshop schedule and outline of topics. Discusses building a mesh network using commodity WiFi tech. In late 2018, the Toronto mesh community seems more active than most other mesh communities in North America.
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2 days ago by beyondseven
HTTP-over-QUIC to be renamed HTTP/3
Decent newsy comment thread about HTTP/3, QUIC, and how the modern internet treats IP protocols
ip  protocols  http  http3  quic  networking  internet  newsy 
2 days ago by jm Dancing baby
The "Dancing Baby" phenomenon refers to a rendered animation of a baby performing a cha-cha type dance. It originated as a collection of experimental testing data and files, ultimately released in Autumn of 1996 as a product sample source file (sk_baby.max) with the 3D character animation software product "Character Studio", used with 3D Studio Max (both products from Kinetix/Autodesk). The original sample source file was produced and prepared by the original Character Studio development team (Michael Girard, Susan Amkraut, John Chadwick, Paul Bloemink, John Hutchinson, Adam Felt) at Unreal Pictures and Kinetix/Autodesk, amongst several other sample files. The cha-cha animation was created using the "Biped" animation system of Character Studio by Robert Lurye and Michael Girard. The 3D model of a human baby was added later by the development team as one of the character "skins" for the rendered animation. The original "Toddler with Diaper" model #VP5653 was built by, and courtesy of, Viewpoint Datalabs, with the bulk of the skinning and rigging performed by John Chadwick using the "Physique" skin/deformation system in Character Studio, and final edits by John and members of the Autodesk development team. After the first pre-release application of the 3D baby model to the cha-cha animation (and from pre-release showings), Kinetix/Autodesk employees realized it was amusing to see a baby dance a cha-cha rather than just walk; this helped ensure the selection of the 'dancing baby' as a sample file for debut release of Character Studio and for demonstration videos in product promotion.
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2 days ago by mikael
founder of Metalab, Dribbble
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2 days ago by goodbyedelicious

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