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Internet Speed Test |
How fast is your download speed? In seconds,'s simple Internet speed test will estimate your ISP speed.
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1 hour ago by macsong
Rule Explainer: Why We Don’t Diagnose People Through The Internet – Captain Awkward
The habit of randomly and lazily assigning every instance of bad or abusive behavior to a diagnosis creates a dangerous and cruel pattern of automatically associating abusive behaviors with these diagnoses, and in some cases even defining these diagnoses according to a set of abusive behaviors. This association, not to mention the sheer amount of misinformation, increases stigma for neurodiverse people or mentally ill people, who we know are far more likely to be the targets of violent and abusive behavior than the perpetrators. This shitty shorthand makes it harder for us to seek and access treatment, speak honestly about our experiences, be believed or taken seriously when we do have problems, and generally function in the world. Stigma isolates and kills people. Assuming bad behaviors can only be the result of pathology infantilizes people and removes their agency and responsibility for their actions, while letting bad operators keep right on operating.
captainawkward  mentalhealth  internet  modding  howtobeahuman 
9 hours ago by laurenipsum
Apple, Firefox tools aim to thwart Facebook, Google tracking
YES. I'm sure this is one factor in why Google created Chrome and one reason I've always been distrusting of it.
privacy  internet  firefox  google  spying  tracking 
15 hours ago by ssam
YPE html> The Stack to Come | Public Seminar
Fanfuckingtastisk tekst som peger på en bog til lageret
technology  25ting  internet 
16 hours ago by
Facts about songs
This is trivia for various songs
trivia  internet 
19 hours ago by rodnichols5
Check Your Fact
This is a fact checking site
skeptic  internet 
19 hours ago by rodnichols5
The Rise and Demise of RSS
For a while, before a third of the planet had signed up for Facebook, RSS was simply how many people stayed abreast of news on the internet.
rss  history  internet  data  standards 
22 hours ago by mirthe
Compression in cultural evolution: Homogeneity and structure in the emergence and evolution of a large-scale online collaborative art project
Compression in cultural evolution: Homogeneity and structure in the emergence and evolution of a large-scale online collaborative art project
Reddit  Community  Internet 
23 hours ago by mikon_nikon
Jaron Lanier: “Los monopolios han arruinado Internet”
A lo que me opongo es a ese control por parte de monopolios gigantes en el que cualquier conexión entre personas solo se puede financiar si hay una tercera persona que quiere manipular a esas dos personas […] Internet en sí mismo sigue siendo genial.
internet  socialnetworks 
yesterday by carlesbellver
César Rendueles: Herejes de la religión digital
Es indiscutible que los mitos tecnológicos tienen capacidad consensual y están muy presentes en los discursos políticos públicos. Otra cosa muy distinta es el papel efectivo que desempeñan, por ejemplo, la economía del conocimiento o la inteligencia artificial en nuestro sistema económico y político.
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yesterday by carlesbellver

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