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E-Mail Interview Debate, Journalists Debate Pros and Cons
When asked about the decision of a handful of college newspapers to stop using e-mail interviews, David Royse tells a story about a recent deadline. One of Royse’s Capitol reporters had been chatting up a source who told him Florida Gov.
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WOMAN IN BUSINESS - The New York Times
Article on E ‘Berezin, woman founder and pres of Redactron Corp, LI, producers of automatic editing typewriter system, the Data Sec; Berezin sketch; Berezin, designer of United Air Lines on‐line computer reservations system and former systems mgr of Digitronics Corp, founded Redactron with Amer Science Assoc financing; noting that Data Sec uses competitor IBM Selectric typewriter as its base, anticipates that Data Sec's employment of cassettes or magnetic cards to read typed words, s...
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