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The Failure of IoT Platforms? - Airplanes. Cloud Computing. And Alien Abductions.
Because security is as difficult to enforce through market forces as limiting pollution, there will be regulation required to force device makers follow a baseline set of secueity practices. There is an unusual desire in the industry for such regulation to happen, but the regulators don't like the idea
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Technology for social good – stopping the poachers and saving the planet with AI, drones and sensors
"Bleeding-edge tech is being put to good use to take on some of the world's biggest conservation crises."
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Internet of Things: Growth Drivers, Challenges and Impacts on Storage Architecture | Seagate Blog
New business models built around IoT: Emerging business models such as pay-as-you-drive (smart drive meter), smart waste bins and remote healthcare services are all examples of new business models built on IoT.
Falling costs of connectivity and technology: Sensors or embedded “things” are the heart of IoT and price for sensors has been dropping significantly over the past few years. Broadband penetration has also increased allowing for better connectivity. Both these developments are allowing for IoT to be a reality.
Increasing smartphone penetration and mobile app development platforms: Increased penetration of smartphones has made mobility easier and led to an app boom. This is giving IoT companies the ability to create apps that can function as the interface between the embedded device and other smart devices and allowing the exchange of data and analytics.
Analytics applied to things: Companies are starting to realize the power of big data and the ability it has to radically transform their business and is one of the biggest driving factors.
Faster computing power: Over the years, computing power has gotten faster and this is giving companies the ability to make instantaneous decisions by applying real-time analytics.
Regulation: Regulation and legislation is pushing some categories of things into the mainstream. Examples include smart meters and many automotive functions. Intelligent lighting is another potential use case as governments encourage energy savings through light-emitting diode (LED) technology.
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RT : Securing IoT device data against physical access - find out how in this whitepaper.
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Platinen-Vielfalt | c't | Heise Magazine
Pla­ti­nen mit Mi­kro­con­trol­lern ma­chen es Ein­stei­gern leicht, schnell in­ter­es­san­te Pro­gram­me zu schrei­ben. Zu­sam­men mit hand­li­chen Code-Edi­to­ren er­lau­ben sie es, ei­ge­ne Pro­jek­te um­zu­set­zen. Sie sol­len den Pro­gram­mier­un­ter­richt in der Schu­le vor­an­brin­gen. In­ter­es­sant sind sie aber auch für El­tern, die mit ihren Kin­dern bas­teln.
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Eigene ESP32-Projekte mit Basecamp umsetzen | c't | Heise Magazine
Bei der Soft­ware-Ent­wick­lung für ei­ge­ne IoT-Pro­jek­te nimmt un­se­re IoT-Basis-Firm­ware Ba­se­camp einem viele Stan­dard­auf­ga­ben ab. Wir zei­gen an­hand eines sim­plen Tem­pe­ra­tur­sen­sors, wie man sie ein­setzt.
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yesterday by torben

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