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RT : What development trends should we expect in 2018? Apart from and , security will have the bigges…
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15 hours ago by ormg
Google launches Cloud IoT Core service out of beta
Cloud IoT Core offers a system for managing the connection of internet of things (IoT) devices, like sensors, with Google’s cloud, as well as a pipeline for getting data to and from those devices.
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18 hours ago by seaugust
Ultrasound could waken a sleeping smart home
The home of the future, we are assured, will be swarming with tiny sensors: security cameras, carbon monoxide detectors, speakers, and everything else. Few need to be running all the time — but how do you wake them up when they’re needed if they’re off in the first place? Ultrasound.
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18 hours ago by seaugust
Internet of babies: when baby monitors fail to be smart • SEC Consult
<p>Baby monitors serve an important purpose in securing and monitoring our loved ones. Unfortunately, the investigated device “Mi-Cam” from miSafes (and potentially further devices) is affected by a number of critical security vulnerabilities which raise serious security and privacy concerns. An attacker is able to access and interact with arbitrary video baby monitors and hijack other user accounts. Based on observed user identifier values extracted from the cloud API and Google Play store data, an estimated total number of more than 52,000 user accounts and video baby monitors are affected (implying a 1:1 distribution of user accounts to video baby monitors). Even worse, neither the vendor nor the CNCERT/CC could be reached for the coordination for our responsible disclosure process. Hence the issues are (up until the publication of this article) not patched and our recommendation is to keep the video baby monitors offline until further notice.</p>

Baby monitors have never been the most secure things (in older times, they offered a couple of radio channels; people in adjacent flats or houses could sometimes eavesdrop accidentally). But this is taking it further.
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21 hours ago by charlesarthur
RT : Our MarCom director will present at tonight’s ! 👍🏻😊
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21 hours ago by roderik
RT : Keep Up with Digital Trends Such as the and Connected Cars Disrupting the Auto Industry with SAP Leonardo! Lea…
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yesterday by TomRaftery
Internet of Things (IoT) Scanner - BullGuard
Check if your internet-connected devices at home (webcams, smart TVs etc) are public on Shodan. If they are, this means they are accessible to the public, and hackers.
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yesterday by lionslair

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