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Just say no: Wi-Fi-enabled appliance botnet could bring power grid to its knees | Ars Technica
Attacks that result in frequency instability on the grid by suddenly spiking demand. As demand increases, the line frequency of the electrical grid—the oscillation of alternating current over the wire—decreases. A sudden surge in demand could cause a corresponding dramatic drop in frequency, taking generators offline. Using a simulation of the power grid of the Western System Coordinating Council—the grid that serves most of the western United States—a 30-percent increase in demand across the grid could cause all of the generators in the grid to trip and go offline. "For such an attack, an adversary requires access to about 90,000 air conditioners or 18,000 electric water heaters within the targeted geographical area," Soltan, Mittal, and Poor wrote.
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the tangle
mappe del network per IOTA
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Smart Parking I Der erste energieautarke Parkplatzsensor I ParkHere
Completely powered by energy harvesting, our sensor technology takes advantage of the weight of a vehicle to generate an electric current. This means that no external power supply or batteries are needed.
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yesterday by tamberg
How IoT Will Help Revolutionize The Ultimate Shopping Experience
In the near future, retail stores will use new technology, including facial recognition systems, for a completely revolutionized and personalized experience. Learn more about how virtual reality shopping, and inventory control are all made possible by IoT and edge computing.
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yesterday by Adventure_Web
Microsoft unveiled the Windows 10 IoT Core services
Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly growing and penetrating deep into the businesses impacting their work process and inspiring them to utilize this technology to make smarter devices and services.
Benefits  of  Windows  10  IoT  core  services  Advantages  Technology 
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One of the success stories from the SAP Startup Accelerator is who monitor transportation chains in r…
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