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Fixing a tattered reputation like Harvey Weinstein’s is dirty work, but pays so well | Catherine Bennett | Opinion | The Guardian
But Bloom sets out, in an email revealed by Kantor and Twohey, the potential benefits of employing reputation professionals when the concealment of specific wrongdoing is urgent or less amenable to denial.
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6 days ago by KMP
Opinion | American Universities Are Addicted to Billionaires - The New York Times
When you have an event on a private beach owned by a sex trafficker, women don’t get invited. They don’t get invited to the private island. They don’t get invited to the sex trafficker’s conferences.
Manjoo  Ito  Epstein  MIT  misogyny  universities  billionaires  women  gender  sex  trafficker 
9 days ago by KMP
On Joi and MIT - Lessig - Medium
A couple of weeks ago, I signed a petition (the site has since been taken down, but you can see it at expressing my support for Joi Ito. Not unexpectedly, that signing produced anger and outrage among many, and among some of my friends. via Pocket
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13 days ago by ChristopherA
The Epstein scandal at MIT shows the moral bankruptcy of techno-elites • The Guardian
Evgeny Morozov:
<p>There was no better original exponent of the “third culture” than Nicholas Negroponte, the founder of the MIT Media Lab and a new kind of applied intellectual, full of big ideas on technical subjects. The lab was ahead of its time in understanding that the industry and the government alike needed cooler, more interactive technology that was not provided by the traditional cold war contractors.

Everything else followed suit. Thus, Negroponte became a speaker at the very first Technology, Entertainment, Design conference (the famous Ted Talks) in 1984, which, a few decades later, emerged as the pre-eminent promoter of the “third culture”: no politics, no conflict, no ideology – just science, technology, and pragmatic problem-solving. Ideas as a service, neatly packaged in 18-minute intellectual snacks.

“Third culture” was a perfect shield for pursuing entrepreneurial activities under the banner of intellectualism. Infinite networking with billionaires but also models and Hollywood stars; instant funding by philanthropists and venture capitalists moving in the same circles; bestselling books tied to soaring speaking fees used as promotional materials for the author’s more substantial commercial activities, often run out of academia.

That someone like Jeffrey Epstein would take advantage of these networks to whitewash his crimes was almost inevitable. In a world where books function as brand extensions and are never actually read, it’s quite easy for a rich and glamorous charlatan of Epstein’s stature to fit in.

One of Brockman’s persistent laments was that all the billionaire techies in his circle barely read any of the books published by his clients. Not surprisingly, his famed literary dinners – held during the Ted Conference, they allowed Epstein (who kept Brockman’s Edge Foundation on a retainer) to mingle with scientists and fellow billionaires – were mostly empty of serious content.

As Brockman himself put it after one such dinner in 2004, “last year we tried ‘The Science Dinner’. Everyone yawned. So this year, it’s back to the money-sex-power thing with ‘The Billionaires’ Dinner’.”</p>

All is ruination. This isn't quite a comeuppance for Negroponte, but it further devalues his legacy.
culture  corruption  ito  negroponte 
13 days ago by charlesarthur
RT : one more comment on : remember that he chose to meet with and take money from in 2013--five years AFTE…
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4 weeks ago by tante
The Educational Tyranny of the Neurotypicals | WIRED
Our schools in particular have failed such neurodiverse students, in part because they’ve been designed to prepare our children for typical jobs in a mass-production-based white- and blue-collar environment created by the Industrial Revolution.
NeuroTribes  Steve  Silberman  joi  ito 
10 weeks ago by gdw
A Plea for AI That Serves Humanity Instead of Replacing It | WIRED
“Instead of thinking about AI as separate or adversarial to humans, it’s more helpful and accurate to think about machines augmenting our collective intelligence and society,
AI  Ito 
august 2018 by LuDuMu
Ethics and Governance of AI S18 .pdf
The Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence
Professor Joi Ito, Director of the MIT Media Lab, co-taught with Professor Jonathan Zittrain
Spring 2018
ethics  sp_issues  courses  syllabus  zittrain  ito 
february 2018 by Frieda.Mendelsohn

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