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Ghost in the Shell's urban dreamscapes: behind the moody art of the anime classic | Film | The Guardian
Was there a film more influential in bringing anime to western audiences than 1995’s Ghost in the Shell? Long before 2017’s controversial Hollywood remake, the Japanese cyberpunk classic’s moody depictions of futuristic urban sprawl were a turning point in how science fiction was depicted on screen.
Anime  Culture  Film  Japan 
11 hours ago by mikon_nikon
Stormy House / 嵐の家 / Arashi No Ie
"The first realisation of Stormy House takes place as a video and sound installation in Haworth in November 2018. Entering a space inspired by a Japanese Tea House, the visitor stands between two writing rooms and two writers. Their texts and drawings are the source of an immersive experience, as we listen to a series of stories and dialogues and watch multiple projections across several screens."
Art  Bradford  Immersive  Japan 
21 hours ago by imranx

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