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jackson-datatype-protobuf - Jackson module Protocol Buffers / JSON serialization
Jackson module that adds support for serializing and deserializing Google's Protocol Buffers to and from JSON. By HubSpot.
protobuf  Java  JSON  serialization  conversion  opensource 
5 hours ago by liqweed
ThreeTen-Extra provides additional date-time classes that complement those in Java SE 8. ... The following features are included:

* DayOfMonth - a day-of-month without month or year
* DayOfYear - a day-of-year without year
* AmPm - before or after midday
* Quarter - the four quarters, Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4
* YearQuarter - combines a year and quarter, 2014-Q4
* YearWeek - combines a week-based-year and a week, 2014-W06
* Days, Weeks, Months and Years - amounts of time
* Interval - an interval between two instants
* PeriodDuration - combines Period and Duration
* Weekend adjusters
* Coptic calendar system
* Ethiopic calendar system
* Julian calendar system
* Word-based period and duration formatting
* Support for the TAI and UTC time-scales
java  opensource  time  library 
8 hours ago by aapl
Sysdig | Monitoring Java in Docker: Overcoming past limitations
Addressing container limitations with Java 9 and 10
Multiple JVM instances are unavoidable, but still lightweight
Having to spawn a complete JVM per container is still inevitable. However, take a look at a modern version of Java that’s running on a container with a simple application on top…

docker run -d --name simple_stats mateobur/javatroubleshooting3
…and you’ll notice it takes about a second to launch and the memory usage is around ~40MB:
java  docker  monitoring 
15 hours ago by some_hren
async-profiler - Sampling CPU and HEAP profiler for Java
A low overhead sampling profiler for Java that does not suffer from Safepoint bias problem. It features HotSpot-specific APIs to collect stack traces and to track memory allocations. The profiler works with OpenJDK, Oracle JDK and other Java runtimes based on HotSpot JVM.
Featuring AsyncGetCallTrace + perf_events.
JVM  profiler  Java  tools  opensource  performance  visualization  memory 
yesterday by liqweed
AdoptOpenJDK - Open source, prebuilt OpenJDK binaries
AdoptOpenJDK provides prebuilt OpenJDK binaries from a fully open source set of build scripts and infrastructure. Supported platforms include Linux, macOS, Windows, ARM, and AIX.
java  jdk  openjdk  opensores  free  linux 
yesterday by po
To shade or not to shade | Elastic
Simple example of creating a shaded jar with the maven shade plugin
maven  java  work 
yesterday by cobralibre

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