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Pretty Print - Pretty print module for the JVM
Adds a single method pp to pretty print any java or Kotlin object.
Kotlin  utilities  Java  logging 
13 hours ago by liqweed
[1902.04023] Computing Extremely Accurate Quantiles Using t-Digests
'We present on-line algorithms for computing approximations of rank-based statistics that give high accuracy, particularly near the tails of a distribution, with very small sketches. Notably, the method allows a quantile q to be computed with an accuracy relative to max(q,1−q) rather than absolute accuracy as with most other methods. This new algorithm is robust with respect to skewed distributions or ordered datasets and allows separately computed summaries to be combined with no loss in accuracy. An open-source Java implementation of this algorithm is available from the author. Independent implementations in Go and Python are also available.'

(via Tony Finch)
java  go  python  via:fanf  open-source  quantiles  percentiles  approximation  statistics  sketching  algorithms 
16 hours ago by jm
GoogleContainerTools/jib: Build container images for your Java applications.
:sailboat: Build container images for your Java applications. - GoogleContainerTools/jib
automation  build  maven  docker  java  container  containers  programming  Google 
3 days ago by cakeface
BFG Repo-Cleaner by rtyley
Removes large or troublesome blobs like git-filter-branch does, but faster. And written in Scala
git  devtools  Java 
3 days ago by Rard

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