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« earlier | Parallelizing Distance Calculations Using A GPU With CUDAnative.jl
Using CUDAnative.jl, you can access the power of GPU parallelization while still writing high-level Julia code. It's not unreasonable to get speedups of 20x or more through GPU parallelization.
julia  cuda 
4 days ago by geetarista
Figuring out how to contribute to open source - Julia Evans
> This post isn't about "how to find small issues in open source projects to get started with open source" - instead it's about "I have a specific change I want to make to a specific project, what will help me get that done".
git  evans  twitter  julia  julia_evans  opensource  article  contribution  oss  from instapaper
14 days ago by jefftriplett
So you want to continue playing soccer in college?
Checklist of how to prep for playing soccer in college
julia  soccer 
15 days ago by iankennedy
Browser-based Julia installation.
analytics  julia  programming  statistics  browser  jupyter 
18 days ago by mjlassila
Quay2c Architects | Home
project by, I think, Julia Manheim's bloke Ken Taylor
julia  manheim  ken  taylor  architecture  london  peckham  architect 
21 days ago by piperh
M2 Gallery
Julia Manheim and Ken Taylor art gallery. Part of Quay2c architects, converted dairy project
julia  manheim  architecture  peckham 
21 days ago by piperh
qojulia/QuantumOptics.jl: Library for the numerical simulation of closed as well as open quantum systems.
QuantumOptics.jl - Library for the numerical simulation of closed as well as open quantum systems.
julia  quantum 
25 days ago by geetarista

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