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Announcement: DataFrames Future Plans - Domains / Data - JuliaLang
UPDATE: the plan described below is going to be implemented in a different way from what was initially announced. The DataFrames package will remain the same as it is now: instead, the new framework will be provided by t…
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5 weeks ago by nwhsvc
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Julia for R programmers
Douglas Bates, U. of Wisconsin-Madison
July 18, 2013
6 weeks ago by HM0880
Latest on the Julia Language (vs. R) | Mad (Data) Scientist
I had not previously known, for instance, how integral the notion of typing was in Julia, e.g. integer vs. float, and the very extensive thought processses in the Julia group that led to this emphasis. And it was fun to see the various cool Julia features that appeal to a systems guy like me, e.g. easy viewing of the assembly language implementation  of a Julia function.
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6 weeks ago by HM0880

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