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A Story of a Fuck Off Fund - The Billfold
First, I imagine how lucky I am to not have to deal with sexism or physical intimidation at my job or in my home life. I could say Fuck Off to AppNexus if I wanted to, although the job search would be frustrating. I guess, I do feel some pressure to stay at AppNexus because not having to worry about money is SO nice. I don’t quite feel the confidence of saying “fuck off” and traveling for half a year, or just straight up going to grad school.

Also, I’m staying at my job in part to pay for this expensive therapy.

So, what does this mean?
- cheaper vacations
- one drink maximum when I go out
- cook a LOT
- monitor my spending.
- actually keep track of fuck off moments

But how does this apply to someone who is being less exploited? Or maybe I am being exploited and I don’t think about it. At very least my talents aren’t going towards helping the world yet.
everyone  julia  self-actualization 
11 days ago by bbarg
Manual · JuliaDB
JuliaDB is a package for working with persistent data sets.

We recognized the need for an all-Julia, end-to-end tool that can

Load multi-dimensional datasets quickly and incrementally.
Index the data and perform filter, aggregate, sort and join operations.
Save results and load them efficiently later.
Readily use Julia's built-in parallelism to fully utilize any machine or cluster.
We built JuliaDB to fill this void.

JuliaDB is Julia all the way down. This means queries can be composed with Julia code that may use a vast ecosystem of packages.

JuliaDB provides a distributed-array-like data model where the sorted index data comprises the dimensions of the array. It is based on Dagger and IndexedTables. Over time, we hope to extend the data model to represent dense arrays and other Julia array types like AxisArrays. On top of this distributed-array-like model, JuliaDB also provides all the familiar relational database operations that are optimized to use the index.
database  persistence  julia  in-memory 
13 days ago by sherbondy

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