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The Difference Between a Language and a Dialect - The Atlantic
The realities of speech are much more complicated than the words used to describe it.
What’s the difference between a language and a dialect? Is there some kind of technical distinction, the way there is between a quasar and a pulsar, or between a rabbit and a hare? Faced with the question, linguists like to repeat the grand old observation of the linguist and Yiddishist Max Weinreich, that “a language is a dialect with an army and a navy.”
But surely the difference is deeper than a snappy aphorism suggests. The very fact that “language” and “dialect” persist as separate concepts implies that linguists can make tidy distinctions for speech varieties worldwide. But in fact, there is no objective difference between the two: Any attempt you make to impose that kind of order on reality falls apart in the face of real evidence.
And yet it’s hard not to try. An English-speaker might be tempted to think, for example, that a language is basically a collection of dialects, where speakers of different dialects within the same language can all understand each other, more or less. Cockney, South African, New Yorkese, Black, Yorkshire—all of these are mutually intelligible variations on a theme. Surely, then, these are “dialects” of some one thing that can be called a “language”? English as a whole, meanwhile, looks like a “language” that stands by itself; there’s a clear boundary between it and its closest relative, Frisian, spoken in Northern Europe, which is unintelligible to an English-speaker.
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Use the :lang pseudo-class over the lang attribute selector for language-specific styles
The :lang pseudo-class provides a solution to the limitations of styling the lang attribute in two ways: 1) It uses the actual language of the element selected. 2) It can be applied to any element and is not directly based on the lang attribute.
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2 hours ago by spaceninja
A Look at the Design of Lua
Simplicity, small size, portability, and embeddability set Lua apart from other scripting languages.
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4 hours ago by vipom

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