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"Yulia Tsvetkov's research group at Language Technologies Institute of Carnegie Mellon University. Our work focuses on natural language processing, particularly cross-lingual approaches, low-resource settings, and social good."
language  poetics  text  machinelearning  nlproc 
7 hours ago by aparrish
Integrating Refugees in Germany: An Update - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Germany's Ongoing Project to Welcome Its Refugees.A large share of the refugees who have arrived in Germany are young men -- and they don't always match the profiles residents of many shared apartments have in mind when looking for roommates.
19eyz  refugee  Germany  life  job  law  language  programs 
8 hours ago by eyezonefilms
Natural Language Processing with Python
– Analyzing Text with the Natural Language Toolkit
python  NLTK  natural_language  book  NLP  coderdojo  language 
10 hours ago by pfhyper

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