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Raw Health And Happiness
Personal health & food blog by Patrizio Bekerle (who is also the creator of the QOwnNotes note-taking app for Nextcloud).
Recipes with focus on low-fat, raw and vegan diet.

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19 hours ago by eocas
Can exercise reverse the ageing process? - BBC News
In our distant past we were hunter-gatherers, and our bodies are designed to be physically active.

So, if an active 80-year-old has a similar physiology to an inactive 50-year-old, it is the younger person who appears older than they should be, not the other way around.
health  ageing  lifestyle 
3 days ago by genome
Why Monty Don is my new style hero | The Jackal
This week, our Style Director finds inspiration from an unusual quarter: iconic gardener Monty Don and his wardrobe of classic workwear pieces.
magazine  clothes  vintage  fashion  lifestyle  guide  garden  workwear 
7 days ago by asaltydog
Best Places to Work From, Remotely | Workplace List
I upvoted Workplace List on Product Hunt: Crowdsourced list of places to work around the world 🗺️
Product  Hunt  Nomad  Lifestyle  Travel  Maps  Side  Projects 
8 days ago by guygilbert
Trash Plastic
In January 2018 we made a pledge to reduce our plastic waste at home by a pretty bullish 80%. It took some work - but we did it - and now can’t imagine living any other way. Trash Plastic is the practical how-to guide I wish we’d had. It’s the nitty-gritty detail on the best, most sustainable, plastic-free products, services, resources, places, hacks, DIY’s and everything else that shapes how we now live.
lifestyle  environment  shopping 
9 days ago by mjacobs
Video Information Producer Does Having Video On A Website Really Improve SEO Rankings.
Search Engine Optimization Strategies Search Engine Optimization Strategies Every modern business is recognizing the positive impacts of search engine optimization strategies and features to be included in their web business sites. This amazing technique is well proven to make web business pages friendly to popular search engines to gain a higher page rank and draw …
generate  passive  income  social  media  marketing  online  alert  networking  lifestyle  membership  review  tools  7  minute  workout  life  changing  plan  joel  therien  money  business  opportunity  strategies 
10 days ago by global.dwellers
How to Refactor Your Finances - An Interview With a Programmer Who Retired at 34 - Triplebyte Blog
"I'm sure a lot of developers would agree that refactoring is the best part of writing code—because you can make it super efficient and make every line useful. I think the same principles can be applied to your financial life and your life in general. If you're super efficient with your spending, and you're making a software engineering salary, then money piles up quite quickly. That's why I think there are so many software engineers in the FIRE community. They are used to systems an...
fire  financial  lifestyle  wealth  saving 
11 days ago by ivar

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