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spirit of Yui - living
The system of Yui survives in pockets even in the big Japanese cities. The street where I live for example is privately owned. This means it is perfect. Every family living on it cooperates in keeping it spotless and in return the owner repays us with his homegrown vegetables.

If each villager worked alone it would be impossible to build these roofs and the harmony of the village would collapse
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2 days ago by nccollignon
About Us - nomadeclub
Allegedly can get last minute deluxe tickets, in addition to villas
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6 days ago by dandv
What Growing Up “Poor” Taught Me About Minimalism - No Sidebar
1. People are worth immeasurably more than things.
2. Teaching your children how to live is much more important than anything money can buy.
3. It’s amazing how little it takes to survive if you learn to “make do” and improvise.
4. You don’t have to own something to love and enjoy it.
5. Experiences with the ones you love create the most precious memories, and most of the time cost nothing. Memories are lightweight, take up zero space, cannot be stolen, do not have to be maintained, and never cause worry. To invest in them is infinitely wiser than accumulating stuff.
6. It is smart to rent a home if “ownership” requires going into debt and living above your means.
7. Holding a clear title to one car is wiser than incurring debt to have two.
8. Grieving loved ones should not be laden with the added burden of dealing with excess, left-behind possessions.
9. Working hard never hurt anyone. In fact, there are few things more gratifying than the completion of a hard day’s work.
10. When you die, you take nothing from earth with you, and the main thing you should leave behind is the legacy of a life well-loved
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11 days ago by genome

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