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Kafkatrapping | Armed and Dangerous
“Your refusal to acknowledge that you are guilty of {sin,racism,sexism, homophobia,oppression…} confirms that you are guilty of {sin,racism,sexism, homophobia,oppression…}."
culture  debate  logic  language  racism  sexism  politics  zeitgeist  fallacies 
19 hours ago by yankeh
The Optimum Radix in Multi-Valued Logic Systems
The aim of this paper is to present a solution to the optimum radix problem in multiple-valued logic systems.  This paper solves for the optimum radix problem based on the pinout-problem and the multiplexing-time problem of digital components. The paper shows that the quaternary digital system is an optimum solution.  Unlike other solutions provided in current literature, the method of this paper solved for the optimum solution as an exact integer number equal to four.  The solution does not round off its result to the closest integer as in the case of some current solutions in the literature 
math  radix  paper  logic  quaternary 
11 days ago by trewbot
Multiplexer (MUX) and Multiplexing Tutorial
Electronics Tutorial about the Multiplexer (MUX) and Digital Multiplexers used in Combinational Logic circuits for the multiplexing of data signals
multiplexing  cmos  logic 
11 days ago by stahl

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