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Spark Overview - Spark 1.2.2 Documentation
Modules built on Spark:
- Spark Streaming: processing real-time data streams
- Spark SQL: support for structured data and relational queries
- MLlib: built-in machine learning library
- GraphX: Spark’s new API for graph processing
- Bagel (Pregel on Spark): older, simple graph processing model
yesterday by citadelgrad
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I’m a physicist who works at a YC startup. Our job is to help new grads get hired into their first machine learning roles. It’s hard to get hired into your first machine learning role. That means I get asked lots of questions that look like: right now, I do X.
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yesterday by metacreek
The intuition behind Shannon’s Entropy – Aerin Kim 🙏 – Medium
For anyone who wants to be fluent in Machine Learning, understanding Shannon’s entropy is crucial. Shannon’s Entropy leads to a function which is the bread and butter of an ML practitioner — the cross entropy that is heavily used as a loss function in classification and also the KL divergence which is widely used in variational inference.
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yesterday by hellsten
Shannon Entropy, Information Gain, and Picking Balls from Buckets
- Entropy is in some way, the opposite of knowledge.
- In order to build the entropy formula, we want the opposite, some measure that gives us a low number for Bucket 1, a medium number for Bucket 2, and a high number for Bucket 3. No problem, this is where logarithms will come to save our life.
- The following is a very simple trick, yet used very widely, particularly in Machine Learning. See, products are never very good. Here we have a product of 4 numbers, which is not bad, but imagine if we...
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yesterday by hellsten
Machine learning in python
python  ml  reference 
2 days ago by caesararum
Cheat Sheets for AI, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Big Data
MACHINE LEARNING : ALGORITHM CHEAT SHEET This machine learning cheat sheet from Microsoft Azure will help you choose the appropriate machine learning algorithms for your predictive analytics solution.
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2 days ago by yufufi

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