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How to Fix Blurry Fonts on macOS Mojave (With Subpixel Antialiasing)
“Apple’s macOS Mojave disables subpixel antialiasing, also known as font smoothing, by default. On a MacBook Air or a desktop Mac hooked up to a non-Retina display, upgrading will make your fonts look worse.

“Update: As some eagle-eyed readers have noticed, the below trick doesn’t technically enable subpixel antialiasing. However, this does increase font weight, which makes fonts look less jagged and all-around better on the MacBook Air and other low-resolution displays.”
mac  macos  osx  2018  aliasing 
56 minutes ago by handcoding
iZotope RX Tips & Tutorials | How to Use iZotope RX
noise reduction
izotope RX elements
audio  podcasting  software  mac  tutorial  video 
1 hour ago by scottaw
keyboard - How do I remap a key in macOS Sierra, e.g., Right Alt to Right Control? - Ask Different
hidutil property --set '{"UserKeyMapping":
2 hours ago by manishtomar
qutebrowser | qutebrowser
qutebrowser is a keyboard-focused browser with a minimal GUI. It’s based on Python and PyQt5 and free software, licensed under the GPL.
It was inspired by other browsers/addons like dwb and Vimperator/Pentadactyl.
browser  mac  linux  vim  apps 
5 hours ago by lena
Why are my Mac’s fans running at full blast? – The Eclectic Light Company
“There are several tools which can tell you measured temperatures from within your Mac, as well as its fan speed. Available from the App Store are System Monitor (above), Temperature Gauge (below), and more.”
mac  fans  temperatures  software  eclecticlight  2018 
6 hours ago by handcoding
St. Clair Software Blog » Blog Archive » Getting rid of the DropBox QuickLook plugin
“It turns out that a new beta of DropBox (version 54.3.86) installs its own QuickLook generator plugin that overrides the system-supplied plugin for generating a number of file and image formats – including those MS Office files. OK, fine – just delete it, right? That worked until he restarted his Mac, then DropBox launched at login and promptly (and silently) reinstalled its QuickLook plugin again. I guess it knows what’s best for us, eh?”
dropbox  software  quicklook  defaultfolderx  mac  osx  2018 
6 hours ago by handcoding
Flow - A new class of motion design for mobile.
Animate Sketch designs in seconds and generate production-ready code.
mac  animation  app  design 
7 hours ago by mgacy

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