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Ray - RISE Lab
Ray is a high-performance distributed execution framework targeted at large-scale machine learning and reinforcement learning applications. It achieves scalability and fault tolerance by abstracting the control state of the system in a global control store and keeping all other components stateless. It uses a shared-memory distributed object store to efficiently handle large data through shared memory, and it uses a bottom-up hierarchical scheduling architecture to achieve low-latency and high-throughput scheduling. It uses a lightweight API based on dynamic task graphs and actors to express a wide range of applications in a flexible manner.
machinelearning  reinforcementlearning  ai 
8 hours ago by harrylove
Will Democracy Survive Big Data and Artificial Intelligence? - Scientific American
We are in the middle of a technological upheaval that will transform the way society is organized. We must make the right decisions now
PhilosophyTechnology  Ethics  Government  MachineLearning 
22 hours ago by danielcberman
The more I see, the more I love!

Today I discovered style transfers... this is going to be epic f…
MachineLearning  from twitter_favs
yesterday by NeoNacho
Runway: Artificial Intelligence for Augmented Creativity.
Runway is a toolkit that adds artificial intelligence capabilities to design and creative platforms.
ai  app  arduino  machine  machinelearning  runway  augmented  creativity 
yesterday by gdw

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