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Neural scene representation and rendering | DeepMind
We introduce the Generative Query Network (GQN), a framework within which machines learn to perceive their surroundings by training only on data obtained by themselves as they move around scenes. Much like infants and animals, the GQN learns by trying to make sense of its observations of the world around it. In doing so, the GQN learns about plausible scenes and their geometrical properties, without any human labelling of the contents of scenes.
computer_vision  deep-learning  3d  ai  ifttt  machinelearning  ml  Pocket  rendering  2d 
5 hours ago by xer0x
The 50 Best Free Datasets for Machine Learning - Gengo AI
What are some open datasets for machine learning? We at Gengo decided to create the ultimate cheat sheet for high quality datasets.
data  datasets  machinelearning  dataset  AI  machine-learning  via:popular  reference  economy  finance 
5 hours ago by atran
Lessons learned turning machine learning models into real products and services - O'Reilly Media
The biggest mistake people make with regard to machine learning is thinking that the models are just like any other type of software. Once a model is built and goes live, people assume it will continue working as normal. However, while machine learning machine learning is designed to get smarter over time, models will actually degrade in quality—and fast—without a constant feed of new data. Known as concept drift, this means that the predictions offered by static machine learning models become less accurate, and less useful, as time goes on. In some cases, this can even happen in a matter of days.
machinelearning  data  datascience  engineering  dataops  devops 
8 hours ago by dlkinney
Learning AI if You Suck at Math – Hacker Noon
Maybe you’d love to dig deeper and get an image recognition program running in TensorFlow or Theano? Perhaps you’re a kick-ass developer or systems architect and you know computers incredibly well…
ai  machine  learning  deeplearning  math  learn  !great  books  machinelearning 
12 hours ago by alexmc
Dask-ml makes it easy for data scientists to scale workloads from their laptops to thousands of no…
machinelearning  from twitter_favs
13 hours ago by rukku
Deepmind: Deep-Learning-Algorithmus rendert 3D-Szene aus 2D-Bildern -
Wie sieht ein Raum auf einem Foto in 3D aus, wie die Rückseite eines Objekts auf dem Bild? Die Entwickler des von Alphabet übernommenen Unternehmens Deepmind haben einen
machinelearning  google 
13 hours ago by andreaskoch
Faster neural nets for iOS and macOS
Metal tuned ML models faster than CoreML models
ML  metal  cpu  machinelearning  MobileNet  yolo 
15 hours ago by evilliam
TensorFlow and deep learning, without a PhD
In this codelab, you will learn how to build and train a neural network that recognises handwritten digits. Along the way, as you enhance your neural network to achieve 99% accuracy, you will also discover the tools of the trade that deep learning professionals use to train their models efficiently.
Tutorial  DeepLearing  MachineLearning  Python  TensorFlow  Data 
16 hours ago by haschek

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