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re:Work - Guide: Understand team effectiveness
Fostering psychological safety can help teams perform and innovate, Google found while trying to understand what makes team great.
management  tech 
10 hours ago by jiffyclub
Infographic: Watch A Company’s Management Team Mutate O | Co.Design
What would your corporate structure look like if you tracked every employee, manager, and department over years? Maybe a lot like this.
tools  management 
13 hours ago by mariaquinzio
The Most Important Things To Consider When Creating Your Association’s Annual Budget
All organizations, whether non-profit or for-profit struggle to find and set an appropriate budget.
budget  association  management 
15 hours ago by Adventure_Web
McSoftware – Hacker Noon
What if they don’t like being treated like a cog in a machine any more than anyone else? What if all they want is a little bit of freedom to put a ketchup smile-y overtop the cheese? Could it be that it’s a bad idea to reduce engineers to robots who ask: “Would you like apps with that?”
management  practices  opinion 
15 hours ago by nicolashery
アスペルガー人とゲーマーズ | ガメ・オベールの日本語練習帳_大庭亀夫の休日ver.5
future  management 
21 hours ago by room661
Engineering growth: framework overview – Engineering Growth Framework – Medium
Really interesting approach to measuring progress and levels, and therefore review time. Maybe something to use for work?
managing  management  software-development  engineering 
yesterday by antislice

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