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Stop Wasting Money on Team Building
It occurred to us that their failure to collaborate was, ironically, a function of their excelling at the jobs they were hired to do and of management reinforcing that excellence. Collaboration, on the other hand, was an idealized but vague goal with no concrete terms or rules. What’s more, collaboration was perceived as messy. It diluted accountability and offered few tangible rewards.
collaboration  management 
yesterday by craniac
Pre-Mortem – Gamestorming
Pre-mortem, an approach to think about what could go wrong, to help organize and prevent the things from going wrong.
agile  Product  management  resources  articles  tools  plays  retrospective  postmortem 
yesterday by benkutil
Quip Project management app
A project management app. Cost is about $25 a person a month
projects  todo  management 
yesterday by amann
Hiring someone new? 29 questions to ask during a reference call
Over the years, after talking extensively with other CEOs and managers who’d spent years (or even decades) hiring folks, learning from my own trial and error, and pulling from the knowledge of our almost 1,000 members at The Watercooler (our online leadership community) — I’ve assembled a list of questions for a candidate’s references.
interviews  management  hiring 
yesterday by mhick
Aligning a Product Manager’s Effort with Their Priorities
For most PM’s, the simple act of documenting time spent is enlightening for us both. The actual allocations rarely align with what they believe are their priorities. The piechart clearly shows where the problems are so we can develop strategies for fixing them. This is where the real fun begins.
management  time 
yesterday by mhick

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