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How much does it cost to print a poster or other large format item? - Ask Us
Prices for common sizes in inches:
18x20 = $16
22x28 = $24
24x36 = $24
36x48 = $48
44x56 = $80
printing  maps 
6 hours ago by imaginaryfriend
How to Get a Free Survival Map of Your Local Area | TruePrepper
Waterproof Paper- Printing on waterproof paper is probably the best of the options although it can be pretty costly if you print a lot of sheets. You will have to doctor up your maps on the computer before you print, since it will be tough to get anything to stay on the paper besides a permanent marker.  TerraSlate paper is used by the military and law enforcement, and is one of the better options.
7 hours ago by imaginaryfriend

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