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Wie Elon Musk jetzt gegen Journalisten wettert
Ich teile Elon Musks prinzipielle Medienkritik: „Problem is journos are under constant pressure to get max clicks & earn advertising dollars“. Aber es ist mehr als beunruhigend, wenn der Boss einer der erfolgreichsten, global agierenden Unternehmen auf Kritik an seinem Unternehmen mit einer Bewertungsseite der Kritiker reagiert. Uncool, Musk. Er sollte sein Geld bei einem solchen Interesse an Medien vielleicht einfach in ein Investment in Independent Media stecken, zum Beispiel in The Intercept von seinem alten Ebay/Paypal-Bekannten Pierre Omidyar. Nur so 'ne Idee.

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3 hours ago by walt74
How Mentally Distressed Activists Took Over Journalism

Tim is often too harsh in his judgement and experience at Vice Media (his former job) is not a broad experience in Media. However, I agree with him on this video, one of the major probs we are facing as activism dressed up as journalism.
The Media industry is collapsing. Employees are slowly becoming more and more mentally distressed due to their workload and actual journalism is being replaced by activism.

The result of this is mentally distressed activists writing stories from a skewed perspective to make you behave the way they think you should behave.
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19 hours ago by walt74
Small change - why the revolution will not be tweeted (Malcolm Gladwell)
Describes the work of strong, social connections behind activist revolutions such as that of the civil rights movement of the 1960s. The point is that social connections explain participation and sacrifice associated with such movements, while the internet and social media can only be conducive to participation by lessening the motivation needed to participate. The conclusion is that heavy-duty activism that drives real social change cannot and will not be carried out online.

Interesting to think about violence as a feature of these social change movements. Also interesting to think about other mechanisms in the online world (e.g.: affinity spaces) that may instead do the work of social ties in the physical world.

What counts as sacrifice?
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20 hours ago by nikomoeller
How the Chinese Government Fabricates Social Media Posts for Strategic Distraction, not Engaged Argument | GARY KING
In contrast to prior claims, we show that the Chinese regime's strategy is to avoid arguing with skeptics of the party and the government, and to not even discuss controversial issues. We show that the goal of this massive secretive operation is instead to distract the public and change the subject, as most of the these posts involve cheerleading for China, the revolutionary history of the Communist Party, or other symbols of the regime.
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20 hours ago by soobrosa

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