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Software Freedom Conservancy Shares Thoughts on Microsoft Joining Open Invention Network's Patent Non-Aggression Pact - Slashdot
Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it was joining the open-source patent consortium Open Invention Network (OIN). The press release the two shared this week was short on details on how the two organizations intend to work together and what does the move mean to, for instance, the billions o...
patents  linux  opensource  microsoft 
22 hours ago by pankkake
Category : SQL Server Builds - SentryOne Team Blog
Useful for knowing the latest service packs, updates and build numbers
sqlserver  microsoft 
yesterday by zakb01
Cutting Edge - Blazor at Work: Events, Binding and Composition
I confess I’ve never been a huge fan of Angular and React, two extremely popular frameworks for writing modern Web front ends. I don’t want to spark any heated debates, but I think that it’s safe to state that it’s all about how much work the application does on the server and how much it does on the client. Clearly, any solution centered on the client side of the Web has the potential to be more responsive and, maybe more importantly, much less impactful on the server. On the other hand, there’s the learning curve and extra programming work that has to be done with JavaScript or, at best, TypeScript.

Blazor is an interesting and warmly welcomed attempt to enable developers to build client-centric applications using, for the most part, C# and the .NET runtime. As Blazor evolves, more and more features will be added to make it provide nearly the same set of capabilities as Angular, React or Vue. In the end, writing a Blazor application will be a matter of stitching together HTML and CSS using C# code, the Razor template language, and JSON data downloaded from some HTTP endpoints.
Microsoft  dotNETCore  ASP.NET  Blazor 
2 days ago by coffeebucket
Cutting Edge - Online Users, Streaming and Other SignalR Goodies
If you ever used any version of SignalR for the classic ASP.NET platform, you should be quite familiar with the concept of a hub. In SignalR a hub is the component that enables compatible client and server applications to arrange bidirectional remote procedure calls, from client to server and from server back to connected clients.
dotNETCore  ASP.NET  SignalR  Microsoft 
2 days ago by coffeebucket
What is digital capability | Building digital capability
Digital capability is the term we use to describe the skills and attitudes that individuals and organisations need if they are to thrive in today’s world.
jisc  microsoft  digitalskills 
2 days ago by st3v3h
“Perhaps it is simpler to say that Intel…was disrupted”
Want to make a 10” PC but use a chip Intel said could only be used for 9.7” PC, then you would forego discounts or promotions. Want to use discrete graphics on a low power PC? Same problem.

These go to market programs might all be totally fine/legal/etc. BUT they create ecosystem incentives to look elsewhere.

This fine grained pricing created all sorts of challenges. But it also warps how R&D is done and where features/investments go.
history  microsoft  laptop 
2 days ago by craniac

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