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DHS says ransomware hit US gas pipeline operator | ZDNet
Poor threat modeling, non-segmented network, lots of issues here
510  models  ransomware  network 
5 days ago by dsalo
Gotta love that yellow screen border on Fred's . It radiates luxury.
Tesla  TeslaYellowScreenIssues  ModelS  from twitter_favs
6 days ago by edelagrave
GitHub - GalAster/WLNet-ModelZoo
If the model is more complicated, then the official function is a bit stretched. This is the extended model using DeepMath, you must install DeepMath then you can use them normally. via Pocket
catalog  dl  models  repository 
8 days ago by kintopp
ArCo - Home page
ArCo is the Knowledge Graph of the Italian Cultural Heritage: it consists of 7 vocabularies describing the cultural heritage domain and data from the General Catalogue of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities (MiBAC) published as RDF. via Pocket
catalog  culture  graphs  italy  models  ontology 
8 days ago by kintopp
Building Great Architecture Models - Young Architect
Use the right tool for the job.
Your cake is only as good as the quality of ingredients you put into it. That old utility knife with the blade that hasn’t been changed in 6 months has no place being anywhere near an architectural model. Throw it away.
These are my core basic tools I use for building models:
foamboard  architecture  models  tools 
11 days ago by euler
An Astronaut's Guide to Mental Models
There isn’t a harsher environment for a human being to live than outer space. Chris Hadfield shares some of the thinking tools he acquired as an astronaut to make high stakes decisions, be innovative in the face of failure, and stay cool under pressure. 
models  mental  advice 
11 days ago by vloux

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