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20 Big Ideas to Connect the Unconnected - @Mozilla
The National Science Foundation (NSF) and Mozilla announce the first batch of Wireless Innovation for a Networked Society (WINS) grantees, which is allocating $2 million for innovative ways to get offline parts of the U.S. connected. "Supporting projects that keep the web accessible, decentralized, and resilient," the 20 initial WINS winners will receive between $10k and $60k each to build working prototypes of their ideas, all of which are "affordable, scalable, open-source, and secure" and seek to expand the internet, including the infrastructure it runs on, to disconnected areas. Such areas are put into two categories by WINS: "Off the Grid" projects, which aim to help folks stay connected in the event of a disaster that knocks out connection, and "Smart Community Networks" projects, which seek to bring internet access to communities lacking reliable access at present due to access being exorbitantly expensive and/or the community being situated in an isolated location.

Read more about all the winners at the link above, or more about the WINS challenge here
otf  wins  access  connectivity  nsf  mozilla  funders 
2 days ago by dmcdev
Mozilla IoT - Gateway
Mozilla's project Things is experimental framework of software and services for connecting "things" to the web.
iot  things  mozilla  rpi 
4 days ago by arrelid
WebExtensions - Source code submission - Mozilla | MDN
If you don't provide source code with clear instructions and the reviewer cannot evaluate your extension, it may be rejected.
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8 days ago by aeng
What the Grayscale Challenge Taught Us About Phone Addiction - Internet Citizen
There’s a lot of talk these days about how addicted we are to our screens. At Mozilla, a few of us tried our own experiment to see if turning our phones to grayscale would change how we interact with our tech. What follows is a conversation among two Mozillians after going gray for a week — Tim, a design practitioner, and Daniel, a brand strategist.
blackandwhite  iphone  habits  attention  experiment  mozilla  firefox  mobile  phone  ** 
8 days ago by gpe
Portier - An email-based, passwordless authentication service
Portier is an email-based, passwordless authentication service
that you can (but don't have to) host yourself.
security  login  mozilla  passwordless  service  authentication  email  auth  persona  opensource  decentralized 
9 days ago by mAAdhaTTah

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