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1 hour ago by famous
Fred Thomas - Good Times Are Gone Again [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

"Good Times Are Gone Again" is taken from Fred Thomas' new album, Aftering, out September 14, 2018.

Order LP/CD/Tape/Digital:
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2 hours ago by walt74
IT IT ANITA - Say No (Official Video)

I was so amazed to see you there
I need a drink to cure my brain
Tell me what you're waiting for?
There are things we can't ignore
I can barely catch my breath
You know my life feels like a mess

You don't really wanna
Say no

Together we went to this show
I didn't know you were so bored
In the dark, stuck by my side
You wanted more than just get high

You don't really wanna
Say no
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2 hours ago by walt74
The Tone Generation | totallyradio
Ian Helliwell's ongoing radio series exploring electronic music; a personal selection drawn from his records and CDs, looking at different themes and compositions in the era of analogue tape and early synthesizer technology. The first 10 programmes offer a panorama of music from different countries around the world; subsequent editions focus on a particular electronic music subject. Within the limitations of his collection, the programmes aim to act as an informative and enlightening overview of experimental electronic music as it developed in many different areas, and will be of special relevance to enthusiasts and students interested in the history of analogue electronics, from the pioneering early days up to the 1970s.
2 hours ago by alligin
ECHO BEACH | International Dub Reggae
Dub Reggae record label from Hamburg, Germany
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2 hours ago by edzard

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