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Silent 10-Minute Track Reaches Top 100 on iTunes | Hacker News
My wife's iPhone 6 would not play music at all through the car aux system. 3 other family phones worked fine. We took the phone to Apple, they couldn't find anything wrong, updated the OS and other stuff and sent us away. The problem persisted, we went back. They replaced the phone.
The problem persisted.
Finally in the middle of a mind-wandering commute daze it occurred to me that my wife's phone had no songs in iTunes . She only listens to music via YouTube (don't ask). "You don't suppose...".
Yup. I put one song in her iTunes library and problem solved.
Sounds like the ~~car~~ wouldn’t play audio from any source if the phone had an empty iTunes library.
cars  music  iphone 
21 hours ago by Chirael
How A.I. Is Creating Building Blocks to Reshape Music and Art - The New York Times
By CADE METZAUG. 14, 2017
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artificial_intelligence  music  Google 
22 hours ago by jerryking
Foreignrap is a platform to discover + enjoy international rap music. Ran by enthusiasts, we share sounds from across the world for you to enjoy
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22 hours ago by e2b

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