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El duelo pendiente de una izquierda melancólica y con amnesia - LA NACION
El duelo pendiente de una izquierda melancólica y con amnesia - Sin reconocer los fracasos y crímenes de su historia reciente, suele mimetizarse con populismos más próximos al fascismo que al socialismo - FARC, Fidel Castro, Opinión, Nota de Opinion, Actualidad política, Mundo, Ernesto Che Guevara - LA NACION
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Don’t trust Daily Mail website, Microsoft browser warns users | Media | The Guardian
Mail Online rated one out of five for credibility by new feature to fight fake news

Jim Waterson Media editor

Wed 23 Jan 2019 06.00 GMT Last modified on Wed 23 Jan 2019 12.04 GMT

The NewsGuard verdict on Mail Online. The Microsoft Edge feature rates news websites on a range of journalistic standards. Photograph: mailonline
Microsoft’s internet browser is warning users not to trust the Daily Mail’s journalism as part of its new feature designed to fight fake news.

Visitors to Mail Online who use the Microsoft Edge browser can now see a statement asserting that “this website generally fails to maintain basic standards of accuracy and accountability” and “has been forced to pay damages in numerous high-profile cases”.

The message, which is produced by a third-party startup called NewsGuard, tells readers to proceed carefully given that “the site regularly publishes content that has damaged reputations, caused widespread alarm, or constituted harassment or invasion of privacy”.

It gives Mail Online, one of the world’s biggest news websites, one out of five on credibility – the same level as the Kremlin-backed RT news service.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest NewsGuard’s verdict on the Mail Online. Photograph: Daily mail
NewsGuard is run by news industry veterans and says it is trying to establish industry-standard benchmarks for which news websites should be trusted.
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2 hours ago by ndf
Don’t trust Daily Mail website, Microsoft browser warns users | Media | The Guardian
"[The browser] gives Mail Online, one of the world’s biggest news websites, one out of five on credibility – the same level as the Kremlin-backed RT news service."
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A meteorite hit the moon during yesterday's total lunar eclipse | New Scientist
Observers of yesterday’s lunar eclipse were blessed with the first known sighting of a meteorite impact during such an event. The so-called “super wolf blood moon” was eagerly watched by millions of people around the world, mostly via live streaming video. A meteorite hit the moon during yesterday’s total lunar eclipse
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Union calls for Uber drivers and Airbnb hosts facing tax crackdown to be protected
But the reforms target people who work in the sector rather than the platforms themselves, many of which have overseas domiciles.

“We have heard nothing from the federal government on the widescale wage theft and non-payment of super by the likes of Uber, Deliveroo, and others,” said Tony Sheldon, TWU’s co-ordinator on the on-demand economy, in a statement.

“We have not seen any plans to regulate the on-demand economy to protect workers. Yet today we hear how the government plans to catch these underpaid workers. That pretty much sums up how this government views working people and whose side they are on.”
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Fuller Picture Emerges of Viral Video of Native American Man and Catholic Students - The New York Times
A fuller and more complicated picture emerged on Sunday of the videotaped encounter between a Native American man and a throng of high school boys wearing “Make America Great Again” gear outside the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.
Interviews and additional video footage suggest that an explosive convergence of race, religion and ideological beliefs — against a national backdrop of political tension — set the stage for the viral moment. Early video excerpts from the encounter obscured the larger context, inflaming outrage.
Leading up to the encounter on Friday, a rally for Native Americans and other Indigenous people was wrapping up. Dozens of students from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky, who had been in Washington for the anti-abortion March for Life rally, were standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, many of them white and wearing apparel bearing the slogan of President Trump.
There were also black men who identified themselves as Hebrew Israelites, preaching their beliefs and shouting racially combative comments at the Native Americans and the students, according to witnesses and video on social media.
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"Life Without the Tech Giants" - via Nuzzel – Kashmir Hill – Jan 22, 8:45 am
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News - Now Available on Steam - CHAOS;CHILD
CHAOS;CHILD is Now Available on Steam! From the creators of the critically acclaimed STEINS;GATE comes a sensational new visual novel: CHAOS;CHILD. via Pocket
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New Video Shows MAGA Teens Are Just As Awful As Everyone Thought
Two days ago, video was posted online that pretty much everyone who saw immediately recognized for what it was—footage of white teens taunting and harassing a Native American elder named Nathan Phillips on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. What was happening was clear and unmistakable, not just resonant but immediately recognizable as iconic. If you wanted to compress the history of relations between the powerful and the powerless in America, or the dynamics of the current moment, into a single image, you couldn’t do much better than to present a white teen in a MAGA hat, surrounded by a screaming horde of his peers, smirking into the face of an old Native American man.
Perhaps—probably—because what had happened was so undeniable, it was immediately denied. Right-wing trolls not only immediately proposed that the visibly aggressive teens, who were draped in the symbols of white nationalism and misogyny, were in fact the aggressed upon, but began a campaign of brutal online harassment against anyone—especially journalists and especially female journalists—who accurately described what they had seen, or reacted to it on the terms it deserved. In all it was an enactment of the culture-war tactics pioneered by Gamergate and used by Donald Trump to ascend to the pinnacle of global power: While random MAGA chuds and Pepes doxxed and threatened people online in an attempt to silence them and intimidate others, respectable types urged caution, proposing that if you were thoughtful enough you would perhaps realize that you hadn’t in fact seen what you had just seen, or that if you had, maybe it wasn’t that bad at all. Straight news reporters like the Wall Street Journal’s Byron Tau turned the subtext into text, asking whomst among us hasn’t participated in a racially-charged frenzy of barely-restrained violence that they wish hadn’t been become an instantly iconic representation of what America has been historically and what it is now...
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