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Notes Volltextsuche / nach leeren Feldern suchen - Lotus Notes User Forum | XING
Suchen nach leeren Feldern in Notes. Oder halt nach nicht leeren Feldern...
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13 hours ago by matthiasp
Nebo | MyScript
Note taking app - works with tablets, iPad, does handwriting capture. Recommendations say it works really well.
app  note  notes 
yesterday by mzyk83
MindForger - Thinking Notebook and Markdown IDE
MindForger is human mind inspired personal knowledge management tool:
Human Mind
MindForger aims to mimic human mind - learning, recalling, recognition, associations, forgetting - in order to achieve synergy with your mind to make your searching, reading and writing more productive.
MindForger ensures that you own your personal data. It respects privacy and enables security of your knowledge.
MindForger seeks knowledge hidden in your remarks to enable its mining.
MindForger starts where editors and search engines end. It thinks as you search, browse, read and write. Once you find a remark, MindForger brings its associations. As you browse notes and read them it looks up related relevant knowledge in your notebooks. If you edit a remark, MindForger brings associations as you write. It reminds you about existing content related to the text being written.
MindForger is a desktop application for Linux.
markdown  notes  linux  IDE 
3 days ago by euler
The Power of Reading Books in WorkFlowy
I’ve read over a dozen books in WorkFlowy so far. But why ? Why in blue blazes would I do that? Simple, really: For the unparalleled flexibility WorkFlowy gives…
reading  notes  software  from instapaper
3 days ago by aries1988
‎GoodNotes 4 on the App Store
"GoodNotes lets you take beautiful handwritten notes and annotate PDF documents. The handwritten notes are searchable and are created using a pioneering vector ink engine. Thanks to iCloud sync, your documents in GoodNotes will synchronize between your iPad and iPhone automatically."
ios  app  notes  pdf  annotate  diigo 
4 days ago by doglord

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