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Just launched a page. I could use your help to continue taking photos of buildings bef…
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3 days ago by brianr
Amanda Palmer Is Raising Even More Funding on Patreon Than She Did on Kickstarter
Palmer is one of 100,000 financially active creators on Patreon -- other musical acts include Peter Hollens and Pentatonix, but neither have as many supporters at Palmer. While the company won't share specifics on how many musical artists it works with, the platform has seen huge growth since launching in 2013. The company is on track to double the number of patrons supporting members (from 1 million to 2 million) and annual amount paid out to members (from $150 million to over $300 million) from 2017 to 2018. P
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5 days ago by motiveunknown
Sports, Jobs, & Taxes: Are New Stadiums Worth the Cost?
In our forthcoming Brookings book, Sports, Jobs, and Taxes, we and 15 collaborators examine the local economic development argument from all angles: case studies of the effect of specific facilities, as well as comparisons among cities and even neighborhoods that have and have not sunk hundreds of millions of dollars into sports development. In every case, the conclusions are the same. A new sports facility has an extremely small (perhaps even negative) effect on overall economic activity and employment. No recent facility appears to have earned anything approaching a reasonable return on investment. No recent facility has been self-financing in terms of its impact on net tax revenues. Regardless of whether the unit of analysis is a local neighborhood, a city, or an entire metropolitan area, the economic benefits of sports facilities are de minimus.
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8 days ago by rosscatrow
Been Down So Long It Looks Like Debt to Me
I’ve spent a great deal of time in the last decade shifting the blame for my debt. Whose fault was it? My devoted parents, for encouraging me to attend a school they couldn’t afford? The banks, which should have never lent money to people who clearly couldn’t pay it back to begin with, continuously exploiting the hope of families like mine, and quick to exploit us further once that hope disappeared? Or was it my fault for not having the foresight to realize it was a mistake to spend roughly $200,000 on a school where, in order to get my degree, I kept a journal about reading Virginia Woolf? (Sample passage, which assuredly blew my mind at the time: “We are interested in facts because we are interested in myth. We are interested in myth insofar as myth constructs facts.”) The problem, I think, runs deeper than blame. The foundational myth of an entire generation of Americans was the false promise that education was priceless—that its value was above or beyond its cost. College was not a right or a privilege but an inevitability on the way to a meaningful adulthood. What an irony that the decisions I made about college when I was seventeen have derailed such a goal.
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11 days ago by rosscatrow
Associate Data Scientist at BuzzFeed who loves making pretty charts and blogging about them at!
No gimmicks. No proprietary software. No datasets that everyone else has already analyzed.

Data Science Unscripted is a new series where I livestream data analysis and visualization, skipping no steps. Data science is a field with many tradeoffs at every step that can't be accurately conveyed with a blog post, and this livestream intends to show more transparency into the data process.

I intend to do a stream every weekend (depending on demand) doing work with R and Python, with all videos saved as a VOD in case you miss it. Follow my Twitch channel for more updates!
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13 days ago by Spark
UTC is enough for everyone ...right?
What time is it?

At a certain point we started asking this question. This became important to know when you could finally head home after work, for example (answer: never early enough). And for a long time that was fine, but that wasn’t entirely the question we were asking. There was a hidden implicit part of the question we were never asking:

What time is it here?

Once we started getting planes and trains and automobiles, we had movement, we had transportation, we could be in two distant places within hours. So we started asking this question:

What time is it there?

This question ruined everything.

Now we had to deal not just with one time (here), not two times (here and there), but a multitude of times, all interacting with each other (everywhere). This complicated everything, and made obvious the notion that writing timezone code was some of the worst things you have to do in our field.
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14 days ago by rosscatrow
The Nut Behind the Wheel
Technologies that were mandated in the 1960s (like seat belts and collapsible steering columns) are still saving thousands of lives each year. But the car crash death rate has continued to drop in part because of smaller, subtler design changes. To understand how those changes happen, we have to go back to the government databases.

Safety engineers like Matt Brumbelow, who works with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IHS), can sift through the databases to spot new problems to solve. Then car manufacturers can set up crash test experiments, analyze the results, and adjust their designs to make safer vehicles. Brumbelow says the databases are incredibly important. “They’re really indispensable. Without real crash data we would just be guessing.”
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20 days ago by rosscatrow
Targeted: A Family and the Quest to Stop the Next School Shooter
3261 • Sanders walks to Parkrose High one spring morning. BY BETHANY BARNES The Oregonian/Oregonlive
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22 days ago by rosscatrow
Anselm Eickhoff is creating Citybound | Patreon
Become a patron of Anselm Eickhoff today:
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platform for artists and creators.
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