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Leon Thomas is creating video essays | Patreon
If you end up getting independently, perhaps Renegade Cut may be a good one to support on Patreon? (He creates that video about James Bond’s misogyny:
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8 days ago by handcoding
Today, learn the name of at least one influential woman you’ve never heard of. Here are 31 options.
In honor of Women’s History Month, The Lily is looking back at 31 historical moments influenced by women. We revisit the women who pushed to liberalize abortion laws before Roe v. Wade, fought for the rights of Mexican women making less than $3 a week, helped desegregate bus travel and more.
We explore what motivated these women, and we invite you to help us document the present by sharing the names of women who are continuing their legacy. If there’s a historical figure who you think deserves more recognition, share her name with us, too. We’ll do our best to keep telling their stories.
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9 days ago by rosscatrow
Patreon and VC funding
Patreon may be profitable and well-liked, but because they’ve taken in over 100 million dollars (US) in venture capital, their current profitability isn’t enough to satisfy their investors. So their CEO says they may need a new business model.

Youtuber Dan Olson wrote an interesting thread about the impact of this dynamic. He said, and I agree, that “the investors who demand geometric growth are about to demand Patreon eat itself.”

He’s right! Here we have a business that people like, offering a service we value, and it enables small businesses to grow, benefiting many people. That’s how business should work. But because Patreon took in a shit-ton of VC money, they don’t have the freedom to stay in that business. They have to chase more money, a lot more, just to stay afloat.
patreon  venture-capital  business 
12 days ago by xianoforange
Facebook's Patreon Clone Wants to Pocket Up to Six Times As Much of the Revenue As Patreon
Saincome, whose satirical website was among those impacted by changes to the Facebook News Feed algorithm that killed web traffic to many publishers, told the Verge he expected the company to lure in creators and then jack up their cut
patreon  facebook 
12 days ago by foliovision
Professor Steve Keen Lost $75k of His Research Funding: Here's How He Got it Back | Patreon Blog
Writing a “magnum opus” to provide an alternative approach to Neoclassical economics. It will start with the role of energy; properly incorporate banks, money, and debt in macroeconomics; and use a complex systems (rather than equilibrium) approach to dynamics.
patreon  economics 
12 days ago by foliovision
Bozhidar Batsov is creating Open-Source Software | Patreon
Become a patron of Bozhidar Batsov today:
Read posts by Bozhidar Batsov and get access to exclusive
content and experiences on the world’s largest membership
platform for artists and creators.
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14 days ago by meeb
Hey, here’s Virus Outbreak part 11 🦠🤠
patreon  from twitter_favs
14 days ago by ninthart
Virus Outbreak part 7 🧟‍♂️ Be a Dunce Patreon?
patreon  comics  from twitter_favs
18 days ago by ninthart
Shared scooters don't last long
Still with me? Ok. So, our scooter company walks away with $2.32 in revenue per day from the average scooter in Louisville. As we said at the beginning, Louisville data indicates that the average scooter was around for between 28 and 32 days. That means the typical scooter generated something like $65 to $75 in revenue for the company after most operating costs over its lifetime.

You see where I’m going with this. Let’s be generous and say the company paid $360 for each scooter, as Bird aims to. At the rates calculated above, that company only recoups $65 to $75 on the cost of each scooter—in other words, it loses $295 to $285 per scooter. That doesn’t even include the $50 annual fee per dockless vehicle, the $3,000 in combined licensing fees, or the $100 fee for each designated parking area. Plug in the $551 sticker price for a scooter, and the losses are even greater.
longread  patreon  patron-caitlyn 
18 days ago by rosscatrow
A (brand new, may never get traction) site like Flattr or Patreon. Is international (based in France) and doesn't charge anything at all. Usable only for donations.
payments  banking  patreon  via:HackerNews 
18 days ago by mcherm
Watching the Black Body
These examples show that our twenty-first-century digital environment offers Black communities a constant pendulum swing between promise and peril. On one hand, twenty-first-century technology is opening pathways to circumvent the traditional gatekeepers of power via a free and open internet—allowing marginalized communities of color to unite and build widespread movements for change. The growth of the movement for Black lives is just one example. On the other hand, high-tech profiling, policing, and punishment are supersizing racial discrimination and placing Black lives and dissent at even graver risk. Too often, the latter is disguised as the former.
patreon  patron:sam  longread 
19 days ago by rosscatrow

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