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Pinboard Bookmark :: Add-ons for Firefox
This seems to be the only extension that works after the 52.x update killed the "official" Pinboard extension.
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yesterday by kme
lostsnow/pinboard-firefox: A better firefox add-on for Pinboard (
This is where it's at now that Firefox is disabling legacy addons.

Things that need work:

- padding in the door hanger menu
- "Tags" field should have focus by default
- hotkey should be configurable
pinboard  extension  essential  needshelp 
2 days ago by kme
Shiori:Pinboard书签采集器 – Mac玩儿法
Shiori的卖点还在于其提供了非常易用的书签搜索功能,默认CMD+F调取书签搜索菜单,嗯,感觉非常像iOS 7的设计呢,输入关键词即可即时出现相关结果,Shiori提供了缩写词检索功能,比如Pinboard一词,你只需输入pbd即可得到相同的搜索结果,而且Shiori还具有学习能力,会根据你的使用记录做出分析,从而给出更准确的搜素结果。
4 days ago by xiaoguo
Shiori - Pinboard and Delicious OS X client
目前在用的Pinboard客户端,For Mac
4 days ago by xiaoguo

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