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Weniger ist mehr: Nanos werden 2019 Trend im Influencer-Marketing | t3n – digital pioneers
Doch inzwischen steigen die Preise der Stars, während die Interaktionsraten sinken: je mehr Fans und Follower, umso teurer die Werbekosten und so geringer tendenziell das Engagement. via Pocket
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5 minutes ago by hansdorsch
Un estudi relaciona les zones verdes amb la inseguretat
Els espais verds i zones de vianants que fan una ciutat més sana i sostenible poden acabar resultant nocius per a la salut i la seguretat dels veïns. via Pocket
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16 minutes ago by oriolllado
Presenting the best songs of 2018 → http://p4k. via Pocket
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28 minutes ago by aksie
Unabhängig vom Stromnetz: Speicherbasierte Schnelllader erobern den Markt -
Immer höhere DC-Ladeleistungen sorgen zwar für mehr Komfort im Elektroauto, fordern aber auch die Stromnetze heraus. Eine Lösung sind Schnelllader mit integrierter Pufferbatterie. Welche Vorteile sie mitbringen und ob sie die Verteilnetze entlasten können, analysiert Michael Nallinger.  via Pocket
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35 minutes ago by hansdorsch
Staatsarchiv: Glücklich ist, wer vergisst | ZEIT ONLINE
Hamburgs Geschichtsignoranz nimmt bizarre Formen an. Vergangenheit, Erinnerung, kann furchtbar lästig sein. Ballast, der alle stört, die frisch in die Welt hinausschreiten. Oder -segeln. Obwohl die Reise dann auch schnell wieder zu Ende ist. via Pocket
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48 minutes ago by schmitz
Brightburn Trailer: Wait, What If Superman Was an Evil Kid?
Plenty of superhero storylines have imagined what could happened if an almost all-powerful being embraced the dark side. via Pocket
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55 minutes ago by funkatron
50 years on, we’re living the reality first shown at the “Mother of All Demos” | Ars Technica
A half century ago, computer history took a giant leap when Douglas Engelbart—then a mid-career 43-year-old engineer at Stanford Research Institute in the heart of Silicon Valley—gave what has come to be known as the "mother of all demos. via Pocket
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55 minutes ago by funkatron
A Preview of Your Chinese Future – Foreign Policy
The year is 2049, one hundred years after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The Belt and Road Initiative is complete. That does not mean it will stop or disappear. It is concluded in the same way a bridge or a road is built. via Pocket
1 hour ago by traggett
On Needing to Find Something to Worry About - The Book of LifeThe Book of Life
It sounds paradoxical and absurd to think that some of us might need to find something to worry about in order to recover our equilibrium. Worry is, after all, something we should rightly hate to have to suffer and should engage with only when absolutely necessary. via Pocket
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1 hour ago by keithprime
Redirecting… Click here if you are not redirected. via Pocket
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1 hour ago by keithprime - The 2018 Holiday Gift Guide
As I’ve done for the last five years, I’ve spent the past few weeks scouring the internet for the best 2018 gift guides and pulled a few of the most interesting items from each. Think of it as a curated meta-guide for your holiday giving. Let’s dig in. Charitable giving always tops this list. via Pocket
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1 hour ago by keithprime
Dempsey Marks’ Morning Routine on My Morning Routine
What is your morning routine? I wake up between 7:00 and 7:30am. I usually have my alarm set for 7:30am but often wake up before it goes off. When I do wake before it goes off, I get up. via Pocket
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1 hour ago by keithprime
302 Found
The iPhone could be an incredible tool, but most people use their phone as a life-shortening distraction device. However, if you take the time to follow the steps in this article you will be more… via Pocket
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1 hour ago by keithprime
Breaking The News - Blog Ipsa Loquitur
In January this year, “Anger Groups” (Groupes Colère) started to appear across French Facebook. via Pocket
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1 hour ago by keithprime
Only confirmed followers have access to @rottedwolfpeach's Tweets and complete profile. You need to send a request before you can start following this account. via Pocket
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1 hour ago by sextopus
届かなかったPebble Time 2 - ロードヒポキシス
私が愛してやまなかったPebbleたちと、発売されることのなかったPebble Time 2について供養の意味も込めて書きます。 Pebbleはメモリ液晶を搭載したスマートウォッチとして2012年に登場しました。 via Pocket
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2 hours ago by takkanm
Controlling Google Chrome Web Extensions for the Enterprise
There have been a few stories out now on how the Chrome Web store had extensions that were malicious in nature. If you are running Google Chrome in your organization you really should be locking google chrome down with active directory group policy. via Pocket
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yesterday by egwillim
Attention is not a resource but a way of being alive to the world | Aeon Ideas
‘We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom.’ Those were the words of the American biologist E O Wilson at the turn of the century. Fastforward to the smartphone era, and it’s easy to believe that our mental lives are now more fragmentary and scattered than ever. via Pocket
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yesterday by keithprime
Disability is a spectrum, not a binary - 24 Accessibility
When we look at disability as a spectrum instead of a binary, we can see that a lot more people struggle to use our stuff than we might think. The good news is that making things accessible helps even more people than we might realise. In the best case we take something from can’t use to can use.
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yesterday by designerbrent

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