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The Emperor’s New Music | Lapham’s Quarterly
Really interesting piece about the use of folk songs by Chinese rulers as a kind of barometer for public attitudes toward their regimes. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE) created a Music Bureau (Yuefu) to collect and perform these songs, possibly at least partly for this reason. He also became enamored of a young eunuch named Li Yiannian, who composed many songs for the court and was made head of the Yuefu until losing the emperor's favor.
china  history  music  politics 
6 hours ago by johnmfrench
John Kelly and the Language of the Military Coup | The New Yorker
When Kelly replaced the ineffectual Reince Priebus as the chief of staff, a sigh of relief emerged: at least the general would impose some discipline on the Administration. Now we have a sense of what military discipline in the White House sounds like.
6 hours ago by corrales
Political Philosophy - By Branch / Doctrine - The Basics of Philosophy
Good overview of political philosophy including the major theories.
philosophy  politics 
6 hours ago by cmananian
NFL’s dubious quest to ‘get it right’ creates more problems | New York Post
As my father often said about successful child-raising: “There’s a lot to be said for neglect.” As for the NFL, neglect is still causing serious growing pains in a child now 31 years old. via Pocket
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6 hours ago by Buffalo_Goku
ВОЗ назначила Роберта Мугабе послом доброй воли. Правозащитники заявили протест — Meduza
Всемирная организация здравоохранения (ВОЗ) назначила президента Зимбабве Роберта Мугабе послом доброй воли. 20 октября глава ВОЗ Тедрос Гебрейесус заявил, что назначение Мугабе поможет «повлиять на его коллег в регионе».
«Коррупция Мугабе, его вопиющая неспособность управлять экономикой разрушила систему здравоохранения в Зимбабве. Более того, сам Мугабе лечится за границей», — заявил исполнительный директор Human Rights Watch Кеннет Рот.

Гебрейесус возглавил ВОЗ в мае 2017 года. Он стал первым африканцем на этом посту.
medicine  politics  fail 
7 hours ago by some_hren
On Hoffer's The True Believer
How fanatics think and how mass movements evolve
psychology  sociology  politics 
7 hours ago by magnusc
George Clooney Opens Up About Why Hillary Clinton Lost: ‘I Never Saw Her Elevate Her Game’
If the Hollywood powers that be ever endeavor to produce a Cary Grant biopic, George Clooney would be the perfect man for the job. Like Grant, he is possessed of an immense level of charisma with a pinch of playful mischief. via Pocket
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8 hours ago by casfindad
How Harvey Weinstein used his fashion business as a pipeline to models - LA Times
It was the kind of evening Zoë Brock was accustomed to, an intimate dinner party at an Art Deco hotel on a waterfront avenue in Cannes. The Australian model was ushered to an empty seat at a long table on a lush patio overlooking a swimming pool. via Pocket
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8 hours ago by Buffalo_Goku
Great ape teeth: Discovery in Germany could re-write human history
We may have to rethink the entire history of mankind after german scientists discovered 9.7-million-year-old teeth. Buzz60 The great ape teeth found in Eppelsheim last year could topple the understanding of our earliest history. via Pocket
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8 hours ago by Buffalo_Goku

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