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Cloak and Data: The Real Story Behind Cambridge Analytica’s Rise and Fall – Mother Jones
The secretive data firm said it could move the minds of American voters. That wasn’t its real victory.
datamining  facebook  politics  advertising 
2 minutes ago by jorgebarba
Rand Paul Tweetstorm about the Budget Omnibus | Twitter
This is fantastic, even if I don't agree with him on everything. I wish more elected officials did this stuff.
politics  policy 
7 minutes ago by sandykoe
How Trump delivered on Obama promises — big time - Axios
The budget signed by Trump on March 24, 2018 is a massive win for Democratic priorities (some listed in the article).

I think it shows the success that Democratic Congressional leadership has had in negotiating with Republicans. This bill is a huge Dem win.
politics  strategy 
26 minutes ago by sandykoe
Another Q site - better?
4 hours ago by spolady

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