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Michel Barnier says opposing no-deal Brexit will not stop it in March | Politics | The Guardian
Barnier reiterated in his address to the European economic and social committee, a civil society organisation, that he believed the key to getting an agreement through parliament lay in the prime minister, Theresa May, embracing a permanent customs union as backed by Labour.

Senior EU diplomats are concerned, however, that this push by Brussels, which would involve redrafting the political declaration on the future relationship accompanying the withdrawal agreement, is falling on deaf ears.

“If the UK red lines were to evolve in the next few weeks or months the union would be ready immediately and open to other models of relationships which are more ambitious”, Barnier said. “We’re ready to rework the content and ambition of the political declaration.”
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35 minutes ago by petej
Covenant Catholic and the Liturgy of Social Media | National Review
Repetition is one of the outstanding features of practicing religion. You repeat prayers, chants, cycles, readings, parables, hymns, and stories. You repeat them in order to remember them. You repeat these things until they seem like unintelligible background noise. And then suddenly, they are repeated one more time and what was noise, or routine, suddenly buds forth with a beautiful revelation about your life and circumstances. [...]

Our culture has lost its faith in Christ. It has lost a Bible. But it still does a deep exegesis. Our clerical class does its daily devotional reading, it chants its moralizing passages, it experiences incredible transfigurations. The newsfeed makes up the liturgical calendar.
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40 minutes ago by joelcuth18
Before anyone takes Diane Abbott to task again, remember how much abuse she has suffered in her career | London Evening Standard
On Monday evening I was waiting for a friend in a private members’ club. I know… I despise myself too. I overheard three well-known journalists discussing the row about how shadow home secretary Diane Abbott was treated on Question Time. One of them bellowed: “The thing is, it’s got absolutely NOTHING to do with her being BLACK, it’s because she’s Diane BLOODY Abbott.” And
1 hour ago by tonys
Abortion by Andrea Dworkin | Excerpt from Right Wing Women
Empirically speaking, sexual liberation was practiced by women on a wide scale in the sixties and it did not work: that is, it did not free women. Its purpose--it turned out--was to free men to use women without bourgeois constraints, and in that it was successful. One consequence for the women was an intensification of the experience of being sexually female--the precise opposite of what those idealistic girls had envisioned for themselves. In experiencing a wide variety of men in a wide variety of circumstances, women who were not prostitutes discovered the impersonal, class-determined nature of their sexual function. They discovered the utter irrelevance of their own individual, aesthetic, ethical, or political sensitivities (whether those sensitivities were characterized by men as female or bourgeois or puritanical) in sex as men practiced it. The sexual standard was the male-to-female fuck, and women served it--it did not serve women. [...]

Sexual-liberation ideology, whether pop or traditionally leftist-intellectual, did not criticize, analyze, or repudiate forced sex, nor did it demand an end to the sexual and social subordination of women to men: neither reality was recognized. Instead, it posited that freedom for women existed in being fucked more often by more men, a sort of lateral mobility in the same inferior sphere.

[lateral mobility!!-this is how you write polemics]

[...] It was the brake that pregnancy put on fucking that made abortion a high-priority political issue for men in the 1960s--not only for young men, but also for the older leftist men who were skimming sex off the top of the counterculture and even for more traditional men who dipped into the pool of hippie girls now and then. The decriminalization of abortion--for that was the political goal--was seen as the final fillip: it would make women absolutely accessible, absolutely "free." The sexual revolution, in order to work, required that abortion be available to women on demand. If it were not, fucking would not be available to men on demand. Getting laid was at stake. Not just getting laid, but getting laid the way great numbers of boys and men had always wanted--lots of girls who wanted it all the time outside marriage, free, giving it away. The male-dominated Left agitated for and fought for and argued for and even organized for and even provided political and economic resources for abortion rights for women. The left was militant on the issue.
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1 hour ago by joelcuth18
Why AOC's tax plan makes sense: It would help keep oligarchs in check.
The main reason to hike top tax rates, in this view, isn’t to keep the deficit in check; it’s simply to keep individuals from becoming too wealthy, because inequality is itself toxic for society.
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2 hours ago by deusx

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