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No, I Will Not Debate You
@PennyRed: "I’ve come to think of this as the deference trap. It’s a huge part of why I refuse to formally debate fascists. It is staggeringly clear that formal debate is failing to stop white supremacy. This is not an abstract philosophical issue. White supremacy is here, at the heart of world governments. The discussion about whether free speech can stop fascism is not actually about free speech; it’s a proxy for a rolling identity crisis among the political mainstream. About whether the mechanisms of state power can withstand fascist takeover. About whether good people with good ideas can stop bad people with worse ones.

Which, right now, they cannot."
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10 minutes ago by mechazoidal
'Did Brett Kavanaugh Do It?' Is the Wrong Question - The Atlantic
"...when Kavanaugh climbed on top of her and put his hand over her mouth, “I feared he may inadvertently kill me.” The adverb is devastating: the teenage boy is rambunctious, galumphing, while the girl underneath him stiffens in terror. It’s a fitting allegation to be leveled under President Donald Trump, a man who does so much harm and is somehow held responsible for nothing."
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16 minutes ago by corrales
Inside ALEC: How Corporations Ghost-Write Anti-Consumer State Telecom Legislation ·
[Stop the Cap! has written extensively about the pervasive influence some of the nation’s largest cable and phone companies have on telecommunications legislation in this country.  On the state level, one group above all others is responsible for quietly getting company-ghost-written bills and resolutions into the hands of state lawmakers to introduce as their own.]
The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is the latest corporate response to campaign finance and lobbying reform — a Washington, D.C.-based “middle man” that brings lawmakers and corporate interests together while obfuscating the obvious conflict of interest to voters back home if they realized what was going on.
ALEC focuses on state laws its corporate members detest because, in many cases, they represent the only regulatory obstacles left after more than two decades of deregulatory fervor on the federal level. State lawmakers are ALEC’s targets — officeholders unaccustomed to a multi-million dollar influence operation. The group invites lawmakers to participate in policy sessions that equally balance corporate executives on one side with elected officials on the other. Consumers are not invited to participate.
business  lobbying  gov2.0  politics  GOP  stop_the_cap  conflict_of_interest 
39 minutes ago by rgl7194
Verizon Quits ALEC After Group Hands Microphone to Right-Wing Provocateur David Horowitz ·
Verizon has quit the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a corporate funded alliance between big business and Republican state lawmakers, after right-wing activist David Horowitz used a guest appearance at the 45th ALEC Annual Meeting in New Orleans to launch into a tirade against opponents of President Donald Trump, claiming Democrats are socialists bent on attacking traditional American values.
To rousing applause from many of the 1,500 legislators and lobbyists in attendance, Horowitz used two speeches to attack the LGBTQ community, people of color, public education, feminism, gender equality, and the rights of women to seek independent access to reproductive healthcare.
Specifically, Horowitz claimed public schools are “indoctrination and recruitment centers for the Democratic party and its socialist left” and that “school curricula had been turned over to racist organizations like Black Lives Matter and terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood.” On a later panel, Horowitz told the audience Trump had not gone far enough attacking his enemies, and defended the president’s remarks calling a woman “a pig.” Those who disagreed were called “communists” by Horowitz. He also argued the United States could only have been founded by Protestant Christians.
business  conference  racism  sexism  hate  politics  GOP  stop_the_cap 
46 minutes ago by rgl7194
Sen. Larry Campbell refuses to answer questions about board role for B.C. casino company |
"In one of the most divisive issues of his term in Vancouver, in 2004, Campbell broke a deadlocked council and cast the deciding vote to grant Great Canadian Gaming up to 600 slot machines, at a Vancouver horse racetrack.

At the height of his popularity, Campbell decided not to run again for mayor. He was appointed as a Liberal senator in 2007. But before leaving Vancouver city hall, Campbell created a new political party, Vision, that received $30,750 in campaign funding from Great Canadian in 2005, records show.

In 2008, it was disclosed that Campbell had been voted in as a director for Great Canadian Gaming, and Campbell took a position on the company’s committee of corporate security and compliance.

In June 2015, corporate records show, Campbell became chair of the committee, which oversees the company’s ethics and compliance programs, and the adequacy of surveillance and security protocols."
britishcolumbia  vancouver  politics  fraud 
1 hour ago by pacpost
Alternative Influence
"Alternative Influence" by Rebecca Lewis identifies an alternative media system on YouTube that adopts the techniques of brand influencers to build audiences and “sell” them political ideology.
culture_of_online_life  video  journalism  politics  adtech 
1 hour ago by seatrout
What America Still Doesn’t Understand About Fascism
So the disappointed prole turns to fascism to restore precisely the things that capitalism took away from him — what it was impoverishing him of while he wasn’t looking. But that means that he is at the mercy of tribal logic, in all its fearfulness and cowardice and stupidity, too. The rage that should be directed at capitalism is pointed at scapegoats. The anger that should be directed at those above him is aimed below him. The contempt he should have for the rich is turned into scorn of the poor.
politics  authoritarianism  us  capitalism  racism 
2 hours ago by juliusbeezer
Super Position – The New Inquiry
Why, in the process, have familiar superheroes suddenly been given complex interiority: family backgrounds, ambivalence, moral crises and self-doubt? And why does the very fact of their receiving a soul seem to force them to also choose some kind of explicit political orientation?
movies  politics  superheroes  fascism  graeber 
3 hours ago by markhgn
No, I Will Not Debate You
A carefully reasoned piece about the dangers of fascist speech
freespeech  politics  debate  platform  speech  via:metafilter 
4 hours ago by nelson
The barbarians were here all along: a post about technical details of local government finance – The Yorkshire Ranter
This always seems such a vital point. Effectively the bribery of triangulated demographic groups. And also the testing of policy to be reverse ferreted if too much noise makes its way into the press.

Of George Osborne "Another way of putting it would be that he had imported the American tradition of pork-barrel politics into the UK and delighted in doling out goodies to people he hoped would vote for him."

"Osborne tore up the discreet understanding in two ways. First, he radically shrank the pot. No branch of government has had a bigger contribution imposed on it than local government. By 2020, funding to local government will have been cut by 77% and a majority of councils will be getting absolutely nothing. Having intensified the struggle over resources, he then cranked up the electoral use of discretionary Treasury expenditure. The Caledonian Sleeper got £50m, and led the wretched front page of the Guardian. Helensburgh got its swimming pool. The codgers got their 4% bonds…right up until they got railroaded into rolling them over at next to zero rates! Ha-gotcha!"
politics  george_osborne  tories  local_government 
4 hours ago by diasyrmus
A Time for Treason – The New Inquiry
A reading list created by a group of Black, Brown, Indigenous, Muslim, and Jewish people who are writers, organizers, teachers, anti-fascists, anti-capitalists, and radicals.
fascism  reading  history  resistance  list  books  politics  liberation  media 
4 hours ago by markhgn
Polarization in Poland: A Warning From Europe - The Atlantic
The authoritarian state, or even the semi-authoritarian state—the one-party state, the illiberal state—offers that promise: that the nation will be ruled by the best people, the deserving people, the members of the party, the believers in the Medium-Size Lie.
democracy  poland  politics  hungary  europe 
4 hours ago by soobrosa

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