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Makefiles for LaTeX - Stéphane Caron
To edit LaTeX documents, I use three programs for compiling, editing and viewing, glued together by awesome and run via a Makefile. These three usual suspects are: rubber to compile LaTeX documents enough times so that all references are defined vim / Neovim to edit the TeX file zathura to view the output PDF (with vim-friendly bindings) We will now see how to write some Makefiles to automatically recompile LaTeX documents upon changes to the source TeX or figure files (PDF, SVG, etc...
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yesterday by dusko
Calendar. Not to-do lists.
Good time management is one of the handful of factors that I attribute my professional accomplishments (to the extent that I have them) to. Several people have asked me for time management advice over the years. My understanding is that they’ve found the advice useful. With some encouragement from a subset of them, I figured that writing it down could increase the number of people that might find it useful. Hence this post.
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yesterday by basus
The Everything Notebook – Raul Pacheco-Vega, PhD
explain how the Everything Notebook would work when we write in loose
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yesterday by tswaterman

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