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The Electric Pull of Spring - Merelymine - DCU - Comicverse [Archive of Our Own]
"I feel fine," Kon says, breathing deeply. He leans towards Tim and takes an even deeper, longer breath. "I feel really, really good, actually. And you smell—you smell really good."
fic  dc  tim/kon  trope:sex-pollen  r  ***** 
1 hour ago by akaelissa
Call Me Wild - bar2d2s - Star Wars: Rebels [Archive of Our Own]
As it so happens? Zeb CAN be more attracted to the weird fleshy thing he picked up on an icy moon.

Set between Zero Hour and In the Name of the Rebellion.
fic  star-wars  star-wars-rebels  zeb/kallus  r  trope:pre-relationship  trope:missing-scenes  ***** 
1 hour ago by akaelissa
crosstabs xtab base-R
base R, but I sadly went years without knowing about it."

The format is xtabs(~df$col1 + df$col2), which will return a frequency table with col1 as the rows and col2 as the columns.
xtab  crosstab  r  from notes
yesterday by bikesandbooks
rio: A Swiss-Army Knife for Data I/O

see the readme and the table of data import/export routes

`convert("myfile.xlsx", "myfile.csv")`

`export(myRobject, "clipboard")`
r  import  export  read  load  data  data.table  haven  readxl  foreign  jsonlite  matlab  clipboard  copy  paste  fst 
yesterday by bikesandbooks
tmap colorbrewer tool
Run the following in the console

tmap  colorbrewer  r  from notes
yesterday by bikesandbooks

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