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15 Cool Home Automation Accessories to 3D Print for Your Smart Home – Automated Home
There’s an incredible variety of SLT files available to download and there are plenty for smart home fans too. Here are a few ideas to get you started…
3dmodels  3dprinting  homeautomation  raspberrypi  smarthome 
13 hours ago by cyberchucktx
Use ANPR to build a car detecting camera with . Another epic tutorial from
RaspberryPi  from twitter_favs
yesterday by DarkHalf
GitHub - abhiTronix/raspberry-pi-cross-compilers: Latest Set of Pre-Built GCC Raspberry Pi Cross Compiler & Native Binaries / Toolchains.
Latest Set of Pre-Built GCC Raspberry Pi Cross Compiler & Native Binaries / Toolchains. - abhiTronix/raspberry-pi-cross-compilers
gcc  compiler  raspberrypi  clang  c  native  crosscompiler  pc  opensource  floss 
3 days ago by gilberto5757
I ❤️ systemd: Running a splash screen, shutting down screens and an IoT product service with Python on Raspberry Pi – Made by Many
Systemd is fun! No really. Let me talk you through our process of running services for an IoT product on Raspberry Pi.

We'd built an IoT prototype and we wanted its code to run automatically on startup - and I wasn't looking forward to it. In the past I’d used Upstart and init.d for this task on Raspberry Pi. I didn’t remember it as being either super easy or straightforward. But Linux had moved on since those days and so I needed to look into systemd. Once I'd gotten a service to start our main program it was actually fun to fit other services around it, such as a boot screen and shutting down screens. The addition of these make the experience of our IoT product feel really well finished.
RaspberryPi  systemd  Python  startup 
3 days ago by coffeebucket
How to use your Raspberry Pi as a VPN router - The Pi
You’ll find everything you need in our how-to post.
raspi  vpn  raspberrypi 
3 days ago by speedracr

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