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The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI - MIT Technology Review
Deep Patient / AI black hole / identifying schizofrenia
2 hours ago by simoncvbohm
Hypersistence Optimizer initial release - Vlad Mihalcea
At the end of 2018, I got this idea of writing a tool which can automatically detect JPA and Hibernate issues by scanning your data access layer and provide you optimization tips. via Pocket
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21 hours ago by tofagerl
Coders’ Primal Urge to Kill Inefficiency—Everywhere | WIRED
Christopher Thorpe, a veteran of more than a half-dozen tech firms, told me about “an incredibly talented engineer” he once worked with who fit that bill. “He was very upset with me that we told jokes in all our meetings, because we were wasting time. ‘Why are we spending five minutes having fun with 20 people in the office? This is work time.’ Everybody is laughing—but, you know, you’re wasting all this valuable time.” The joke had frittered the time of 20 people! This guy would begin rattling off the math: “Five minutes times 20, that’s like, you know, you’ve wasted an hour and a half of person-time on these jokes.”
yesterday by zhumink

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