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What Makes a Good Research Insight Great? (UXmatters)
Толковые советы Michael Morgan по упаковке результатов пользовательских исследований — так, чтобы они повлияли на продукт и продуктовую команду.
UX  research  issue  philosophy 
21 hours ago by jvetrau
7 Questions About User-Research Panels (UXmatters)
Caroline Jarrett и Naintara Land описывают плюсы, минусы и подводные камни создания собственной панели респондентов. Хорошая памятка для тех, кто готов.
UX  research  recruiting  issue  process 
21 hours ago by jvetrau
Effects of classrooms’ architecture on academic performance in view of telic versus paratelic motivation: a review
For all of the talk about personalized learning, this personalization is often virtual -- teachers and learners tend (more or less) to continue to inhabit the same communal spaces
architecture  impact  research 
23 hours ago by WBedutech
Monolyth messages description ›
The message content has been discussed a bit in russian forums and it is known that message CodeWord usually address some envelope with instructions, where last 4 2-digit groups is the message itself and can be decoded using given envelope.
games  research  sigmos  encryption 
23 hours ago by cigumo
Welcome to the Oxford Institute of Biomedical Engineering — Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Welcome to the Oxford Institute of Biomedical Engineering The Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME) is a research institute of the Department of…
science  medicine  biology  engineering  research  university  oxford 
yesterday by asaltydog

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