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The strange case of monetary policy in Grin — Dawid Ciężarkiewicz aka `dpc`
I am a crypto-finance enthusiast and though I am strongly skewed toward Bitcoin maximalism, I still try to follow the space looking for p...
rust  block  chain  bitcoin  finance 
2 hours ago by ianweatherhogg
Smart contracts and token economy without Blockchains — Dawid Ciężarkiewicz aka `dpc`
or: A token (even smart one) needs a blockchain, like a fish needs a bicycle. Image above: Tokenizing assets on a Blockchain Abstract ...
rust  bitcoin 
2 hours ago by ianweatherhogg
rust-bitcoin-indexer: How to interact with a blockchain — Dawid Ciężarkiewicz aka `dpc`
or: Notes on indexing blockchains A copy of this post can be found on rust-bitcoin-indexer wiki. Abstract: I have ventured on the quest...
rust  bitcoin 
2 hours ago by ianweatherhogg

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