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Guided Tutorials - GNU Radio
Guided GNU Radio Tutorials
These tutorials are designed to guide new GNU Radio users to a better understanding of the project: how to work with it, interact with the library, and build your own components and blocks. By the end, you should be comfortable with many of the capabilities of GNU Radio and have some sense for the available tools, functions, and tricks to building your own signal processing project.
We recommend that you follow the tutorials in order below. However, for those anxious to get to know one particular aspect about the project, see some of the Alternative Paths.
gnuradio  sdr 
7 days ago by euler
his page describes and provides a particular software-defined radio (hereafter SDR) that I wrote (open-source and free) as part of my exploration of modern radio technology. This SDR is written in Python and relies on the Gnu Radio technical infrastructure for its inner workings.
python  radio  software  SDR  networks 
10 days ago by wrrn

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