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refactoringui/heroicons: A set of free MIT-licensed high-quality SVG icons for UI development.
A set of free MIT-licensed high-quality SVG icons for UI development. - refactoringui/heroicons
icons  opensource  free  svg 
1 hour ago by geetarista
Add Background Colors to SVGs Using the “rect” Element | CSS-Tricks
However, a problem I've encountered on several front-end projects is being provided a sub-optimal SVG asset by a client, designer, or brand resources site. There isn’t anything “wrong” with these files, but the SVG code requires manual revision to achieve necessary functionality. Instead of requesting new files, it is often easier to tweak them myself. 
fridayfrontend  cssbasics  svg  css 
yesterday by spaceninja
LottieFiles - Free animation files built for Lottie, Bodymovin
LottieFiles is a collection of animations designed for Lottie and Bodymovin - gone are the days of bugging your developer
animation  design  web  svg 
yesterday by johannesholmberg
Round, flat, designer-friendly pseudo-3D engine for canvas and SVG
javascript  library  svg  3d 
yesterday by johannesholmberg
CSS { In Real Life } | Optimising SVGs for the Web
Optimising SVGs (scalable vector graphics) for web projects has the dual benefits of reducing the file size and making them easier to work with. But plenty of times I’ve opened up a web project and found that SVG assets could be made significantly smaller with some straightforward optimisations. In this article I’ll share my process for optimising SVG assets, which may help you if you’re a designer or developer unfamiliar with working with SVG on the web.
svg  article  optimization  workflow  design  ux  performance 
2 days ago by Shoord
Light and dark themed SVG favicon using the CSS prefers-color-scheme media feature - Catalin Red
In this article you’ll learn how to use an SVG as a favicon for your website, considering the light and dark theme detection in the browser using the CSS prefers-color-scheme media feature.
svg  favicon  browser  inspiration  webdevelopment 
2 days ago by Shoord
Component Sprite World Map Generator – Figma
Make your own world map out of your own shapes!

Update the shape in the component and export and viola!
figma  inspiration  design  plugin  maps  svg  vector  generator 
2 days ago by Shoord
SVGR - Playground
Transforms SVG into React Components.
react  svg 
2 days ago by danklammer

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