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Slack Standup Bot | Slack Scrum Bot | Troopr Assistant
I upvoted Slack Standup for Busy Teams on Product Hunt: Autocomplete standup updates at February 24, 2020 at 06:51AM
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3 hours ago by iamthefury
Ad Tech Engineering At Scale - Rebel AI
Rebel AI builds advertising technology products and provides ad tech engineering and consulting for companies and clients looking to grow their businesses.
engineering-services  adtech-engineering  SaaS  consent-framework 
4 hours ago by shoesiq
One Profile Info • A Free Modern Personal Profile Page
I upvoted One Profile on Product Hunt: Create your modern personal page for free at February 23, 2020 at 03:38PM
Product  Hunt  Productivity  Branding  Marketing  SaaS 
19 hours ago by iamthefury
23 rules to run a software startup with minimum hassle | joisig gone awol
Over the last 5 years of bootstrapping, I’ve tried a lot of things, and discovered there are many ways to create hassle for yourself that wastes time and energy and distracts you from building value in your business. This is my second post on lessons learned from bootstrapping; you can subscribe to updates to this page if you want to continue following along.
advice  business  startup  saas  startups  bootstrapping 
23 hours ago by alexpbrown
One Profile Info • A Free Modern Personal Profile Page
Hot new product on Product Hunt: One Profile — Create your modern personal page for free
Product  Hunt  Productivity  Branding  Marketing  SaaS 
yesterday by Soc201
How SaaS Companies Can Build Online Communities
Learn how B2B SaaS companies are building successful online communities for their brands to boost growth, product innovation, and customer success.
saas  community 
2 days ago by rona25
The Rule of 40% For a Healthy SaaS Company - Feld Thoughts
I often hear – from sub-scale SaaS companies, “we can get profitable right away if we slow down our growth rate.” And – that’s often a true statement, but you will end up being sub-scale for a much longer time when you end up with a 20% growth rate and a 20% profit. So – if you are going to raise VC money, get focused on the T2D3 approach to get to scale, then start focusing on the 40% rule.
saas  business  startups  revenue  valuation  financial  model  advice 
2 days ago by tobym
Industry Perspectives on the SaaS Valuation Rule of 40
The Rule of 40 provides a high-level view of a SaaS, or any software, business’s health. Put simply, if your percentages of growth rate and profit margin total at least 40 when added together, then your business is in great health and could double in valuation.

Use MRR or ARR for growth rate, and EBITDA margin for the same time period. Depending on the business FCF or operating income might be better to use than EBITDA.

Most accurate in larger business. At minimum 1mm ARR, better around 50mm ARR. Guidance is to use Rule of 40 after T2D3. Project 1 year forward for investors, 1 year backwards for acquirers.
saas  startups  model  financial 
2 days ago by tobym
Martechbase | Find the marketing tools you need to grow
Martechbase is a free platform to discover and share the best marketing solutions
SaaS  marketing  Tools 
2 days ago by 1luke2
Same company?

Is monthly billing a popular payment option for your customers? Sync integrates with your subscription management system to give you real-time access to a full year of cash flow. Offer your customers attractive monthly payment terms. No more negotiating.

Or use our hosted checkout and convert more customers. Checkout lets you focus on product and sales, we pay you upfront for the year and handle the term billing for your customers.

Our suite of products cover the full range of payment terms up to 36 months as well as prepaid invoices on net 60/90 terms.


lending  payments  saas  interesting:company 
3 days ago by samhuleatt
The SaaS Marketing Bible [41+ Strategies & Case-Studies]
Looking to discover new ways to market your software? Read our guide to discover 41+ essential SaaS marketing strategies to acquire new users.
content  marketing  saas  entrepeneurship 
3 days ago by flydown

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