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I got my sexual aggressor fired from work today. I'm quite satisfied. : TwoXChromosomes
I walked by him and turned my butt right next to his hand and just full on farted. Loud and angry. It's gross, I know. But if he's going to make me feel gross and "claim my ass" I'm going to make him feel gross and "claim his hand."

He proceeded to freak out and then I freaked out. No more will he look at my ass as sexual, but a fart box that has forever claimed his tiny hand.
badass  funny  sexism 
2 days ago by cmananian
Does gender matter? | Nature
Like many women and minorities, however, I am suspicious when those who are at an advantage proclaim that a disadvantaged group of people is innately less able. Historically, claims that disadvantaged groups are innately inferior have been based on junk science and intolerance6. Despite powerful social factors that discourage women from studying maths and science from a very young age7, there is little evidence that gender differences in maths abilities exist, are innate or are even relevant to the lack of advancement of women in science8. A study of nearly 20,000 maths scores of children aged 4 to 18, for instance, found little difference between the genders (Fig. 1)9, and, despite all the social forces that hold women back from an early age, one-third of the winners of the elite Putnam Math Competition last year were women. Moreover, differences in maths-test results are not correlated with the gender divide between those who choose to leave science10.
science  gender  women  men  sexism  research  sex 
2 days ago by msszczep
Abuse survivor confronts Larry Nassar: 'I've been coming for you for a long time' - The Washington Post
"Perhaps you have figured it out by now, but little girls don’t stay little forever. They grow into strong women that return to destroy your world. I have been coming for you for a long time."
washingtonpost  badass  sexism  women 
3 days ago by cmananian
“In a parallel universe” is a series of fictional images, recreated from real ads in the mad men era, that question modern day sexism: showing it through a humorous light to spark a conversation through role play.
art  gender  sexism 
4 days ago by leeomara
#MeToo isn’t enough. Now women need to get ugly | Barbara Kingsolver | Opinion | The Guardian
I pretended to be the boy in class who was making her sick with dread. She had to look right at me and repeat the words until they felt possible, if not easy: “Don’t say that to me. Don’t do that to me. I hate it.”
sexism  feminism  parenting  assault 
5 days ago by emmacarlson
Where Do Harvey Weinsteins Come From? | Village Voice
Long read. From Weinstein on down to catcalling, it's the whole culture of women marrying their rapists in movies and "no means yes"
assault  sexism  media  rape 
6 days ago by emmacarlson
For some men, rape just isn’t a big deal | Emma Brockes | The Guardian
“Well, being raped isn’t as bad as, say, working in a factory in China.” Apart from the ludicrousness of the comparison – of trying to figure out what rape is and isn’t as bad as – it was suddenly clear to me that to him, and I assume to many men, rape exists purely in the hypothetical realm. “If you had to work in a factory for six months or be raped, which would you choose?” I asked. He looked taken aback; rape wasn’t something he had considered in relation to himself.
sexism  assault  rape 
6 days ago by emmacarlson

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