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Sexual harassment in science: 4 big takeaways from a huge new report - Vox
women who worked in labs and hospitals where they experienced harassment were more likely to be absent from work, avoid conferences and meetings, and quit their jobs
Sexualharrassment  STEM 
4 days ago by brycecovert
Spurred by #MeToo, a Harassment Task Force Reconvenes - The New York Times
Even as thousands of women continue to speak out about their experiences with harassment, Victoria A. Lipnic, the commission’s acting chairwoman, said it had not received an increase in sexual harassment reports so far this fiscal year
EEOC  Sexualharrassment 
6 days ago by brycecovert
Lawmakers pitch package boosting sex harassment protections - WPRI
Among the proposals are measures to forbid mandatory nondisclosure agreements, extend the time allowed for an investigation by the Commission for Human Rights and mandate sexual harassment awareness training for companies with more than 50 employees.
11 days ago by brycecovert
How VT's new sexual harassment law will work
All supervisors and managers, including those who oversee or contract with volunteers, interns and independent contractors, have an obligation to ensure the working relationship is "free from sexual harassment."

Vermont is one of the first states in the nation to make it easier for workers to remain with their employer, or return to the company in the future, after settling a sexual harassment claim.

Any part of an agreement that bans future employment — a practice known as a "do not darken my door" clause — will be void and unenforceable.

State civil rights attorneys will be able to review records related to sexual harassment. If necessary, they can order an employer to hold sexual harassment training or send out a working-climate survey.

The Vermont Human Rights Commission will have the same authority to inspect state government offices.
13 days ago by brycecovert

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