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泰国男子持我国国籍期间没履行国民服役 罚款6000元 - 8频道新闻及时事节目





Singapore  Conscription 
11 hours ago by quant18
How Singapore Fixed Its Housing Problem - YouTube
Simplifies a lot of things, but 90% home ownership doesn't lie.
singapore  housing  youtube  video  bloomberg 
yesterday by rubenerd
'Crazy Rich Asians,' Singapore, and Ethnic Identity - The Atlantic
But the way Singapore handles national identity and ethnic difference makes for a fascinating comparison with the United States. It’s a bold experiment in ethnic engineering, and, since Singapore has existed as an independent country for little more than half a century, that experiment has been witnessed in its entirety by many of its inhabitants. (It boasts the third-highest life expectancy in the world; the United States is 31st.) The national project was always to be, in a sense, multinational. It’s worth taking notice of how this was achieved, and at what cost.
singapore  racism  politics 
6 days ago by ayamnotkambing
RT : Bigger classes, better paid and better trained teachers - some of the lessons from ’s school education mo…
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16 days ago by kcarruthers

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