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The message influences me more than others: How and why social media metrics affect first person perception and behavioral intentions

• Social media metrics generate first-person perception (FPP).
• Perceived injunctive norms accounts for the social media metrics effect on FPP.
• FPP induces greater compliant behavioral intentions and social sharing intentions.
• Need to belong moderates the social media metrics effect on FPP.
• Need for closure moderates the social media metrics effect on injunctive norms.

Two experiments investigated how and why social media metrics affect perceived media influence and behavioral intentions. In the first experiment (N = 241), those who viewed a news article about an environmental risk with social media metrics (vs. news article only) reported greater media influence on the self than others (First-person perception, FPP), and such effect was more prominent among those high in the need to belong. Increased FPP, in turn, led to greater intentions to combat the risk. The second experiment (N = 210) found that exposure to a news article about a health risk with
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Instagram Has a Massive Harassment Problem - The Atlantic
The platform has cast itself as the internet’s kindest place. But users argue harassment is rampant, and employees say efforts to stem it aren’t funded well or prioritized.
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Should I Outsource My ? 6 Questions to Ask Yourself by
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A visual platform that helps you think.
Spend less time “liking” and more time thinking. frees your mind from distraction and lets you organize your internet more mindfully.
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People want personalized experiences on as well as on your website. Be upfront and human.…
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