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RT : Dynamic returns, revert error messages, safer constructors, ABI encoding utils and tons more: 0.4.22 rele…
Solidity  from twitter
6 days ago by roderik
Building a fully decentralized User profile app on Ethereum and IPFS
Welcome! This is a tutorial on building a distributed application on Ethereum and IPFS. The app enables users to sign up with a username, a title, and a short intro. It stores some of these fields on…
ethereum  truffle  ipfs  web3  webpack  metamask  bootstrap  solidity 
10 days ago by tranqy
Decentralized Application Security Project
an open and collaborative project to join efforts in discovering smart contract vulnerabilities within the security community
blockchain  ethereum  solidity  smartcontract  security 
12 days ago by Z303
Solidity implementation of Robert Sams Seignorage Shares
Solidity  blockchain  stablecoin  etherum  smartcontract 
13 days ago by Z303
An open-ended investment fund implementation on the Ethereum blockchain for managing ERC20 tokens
erc20  ethereum  solidity 
15 days ago by Z303
5) Open Twitter account and spread confusion, and crypto 😎💰🛠️🔩⚖️🔮
solidity  blockchain  ethereum  from twitter_favs
4 weeks ago by randyhilarski

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