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Where is the Emerging Space Opportunity? - Northern Sky Research, Oct 2017
NSR’s The Emerging Space Market Opportunity found that the market falls into three broad segments:

Earth -> Space: Infrastructure & Services provided on Earth to facilitate use of Space (e.g. Launch, manufacturing)
Space -> Space: Services delivered in Space (e.g. Satellite servicing, space tourism)
Space -> Earth: Services delivered from Space assets for use on Earth (e.g. Communications satellites, Earth Observation analytics)

… Space -> Earth activities, dominated by satellite constellations and analytics services, have generated strong entrepreneur engagement and the most investor interest.

… The challenge for budding entrepreneurs is that many emerging space markets are saturated with would-be competitors, even while those same competitors have yet to deliver on promises and bring a product to market.
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APOD: 2017 October 21 - Lynds Dark Nebula 183
Explanation: Beverly Lynds Dark Nebula 183 lies a mere 325 light-years away, drifting high above the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy. Obscuring the starlight behind it when viewed at optical wavelengths, the dark, dusty molecular cloud itself seems starless. via Pocket
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Bras in Space: The Incredible True Story Behind Upcoming Film Spacesuit |
The creation of the Apollo AL7 Pressure Garment is one of the great American stories of the past forty-plus years. When America pitched itself into the great Space Race, and president Kennedy declared we’d have a man on the moon by the end of the decade, among many of the colossal obstacles NASA had to face was how to make a suit that could withstand space’s incredibly hostile environment. NASA turned the creation of the spacesuit into a competition (largely dominated by military contractors)—and it was assumed a military contractor would win the day.

Instead, pitted against the military-industrial complex, Playtex created the 21-layer spacesuit, each layer distinct yet interrelated in function to the rest of the whole—a masterly combination of elegance, complexity, and form. Where the military contractors created cybernetic, armor-like suits (that failed, and failed again), Playtex's vision was one of crucial softness, world class stitching, and perfect design. Traditional engineering firms could not figure out how to meet all the mission requirements and create a functioning suit that would keep the Apollo astronauts alive. The seamstresses at Playtex, with their years of experience fashioning girdles and bras, could, and did.
history  space  sewing  fashion  textiles 
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SLC Creative
The aim at SLC Creative is to restore historic brick and old growth wood buildings and properties in downtown Salt Lake City, melding the charming history of these spaces with modern open air lofted design. From our prototypical New York style lofts, to unique commercial spaces, we’re looking for tenants with a passion for creativity and pushing the envelope of design.

Our downtown buildings proudly house over 60 of Salt Lake’s top creatives from artists, designers, programmers, and filmmakers. Some of our beloved tenants include Este’s NYC Pizza and Fice Clothing. Our untraditional spaces generally feature open studio environments with tall 16’ exposed rafter ceilings, exposed brick, and crisp white walls.

Super LLC manages, maintains, restores and builds out our spaces to cater to the one-of-a-kind needs of our tenants. With a full time construction crew on hand and site, we can help with anything from a leaky faucet to fully customized construction.

Our Downtown Properties offer:

Art Studios
Live/Work Space
Design / Film / Photo Studios
Commercial Space
Co-Working Space
Community Events
Warehouse space
slc  UT  creative  space  properties  studio  warehouse 
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dblp: HistoInformatics@DH 2016
default search action combined dblp search author search venue search publication search Semantic Scholar search ask others maintained by at data released under the ODC-BY 1. via Pocket
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