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Han turns to a life of crime in new Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer | Consequence of Sound
Han and Lando meet in the latest preview for the anticipated anthology film
It looks like Disney is really trying to get away from the Ace Ventura in Space branding Solo: A Star Wars Story had after directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord’s departure. Revealed on Sunday evening, the latest trailer for the now-Ron Howard-helmed origin story gives the impression of a high intensity sci-fi heist flick — with a bit of Han Solo’s trademark wit thrown in, of course.
What the new preview does most, though, is introduce audiences to each of the main characters. It’s all set up rather nicely: Rough and tumble rapscallion Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) gets put in touch with thief Tobias Beckett (Woody Harrelson) by his old friend, Qi’Ra (Emilia Clarke). Their meant to run a job for (or maybe out from under?) “big time gangster” Dryden Vos (Paul Bettany), but first they need a ship. Together with his righthand Wookie, Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo), Han goes to meet Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover) and his droid companion L3-37 (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) to pick up his trusty YT-1300 light freighter, the Millenium Falcon.
movies  star_wars  trailer 
10 days ago by rgl7194
[Star Wars: The Force Awakens] l_cloudy - "The Prisoner" series - Kylo Ren/Hux
Hux looks him up and down, this Resistance golden boy, gangly and ungraceful and so appallingly soft. Takes a drag of his cigarette. “You’re weak,” he says.

Solo looks up at him. “Please.” He draws in a long, broken breath. “Please.”

Or: General Hux thinks about Ben Solo a lot more than he probably should.

--Kylo deals with his identity issues through lies and roleplay, and he deals with his feelings for Hux by pretending they don't exist. That's it, that's the story. That, plus added Feels. (and lead us not into temptation; where the wild things go.)
l_cloudy  bdsm  angst  drama  series  10-25k  star_wars  the_force_awakens  kylo_ren/hux 
11 days ago by atomicduck
[Star Wars: The Force Awakens] Ezlebe - Of Our Time - Kylo Ren/Hux
“Do you know how many people would think it’s weird you walk around in the day?”

Hux grits his teeth in vain against an uncanny sensation, his own words digging and clawing up his throat to leave behind the taste of blood and bitterness thick on his tongue. “I could care less. I was made this way before there were movies – before fucking Stoker. Call me a demon if it makes you feel better.”
ezlebe  au  angst  romance  creaturefic  one-shot  10-25k  star_wars  the_force_awakens  kylo_ren/hux 
11 days ago by atomicduck
Meet Me Halfway
Summary: “I don’t do that,” Hux responds in an undertone before he realizes. He flushes—hard—and scowls. “If that will be all, Supreme Leader…” He turns on his heel without waiting to be dismissed and starts to stalk back the way he came, grateful, as ever, for the wide sweep of his greatcoat, the padded shoulders making him feel less—small.

He’s halfway out of the room (and what a waste of space) when what he said must catch up with Ren: “You mean you…never?”

He freezes, every muscle in his body tensing. Won’t say it out loud. No, he emphasizes, clear as he can. Knowing Ren will hear, knowing he will see it regardless, terrible nosy busybody that he is. I haven’t.
!fanfic  slash  star_wars  hux/ren  hux  ren  rated:E  first_time  !a 
15 days ago by indramiel
Zip it
Summary: Hux feels that his contributions to the First Order are worthy of an award. He's not expecting a new rank, though that would be nice. What he really wants is a new uniform to acknowledge the mental wear and tear he endures, the duty he fulfills every cycle.
Kylo thinks otherwise.
!fanfic  slash  hux  ren  hux/ren  star_wars  rated:E  !a 
15 days ago by indramiel
[Star Wars: The Force Awakens] Ezlebe - ".tv/FirstOrder" series - Kylo Ren/Hux
“I – I really didn’t expect this kind of response,” Kylo says, his featureless mask glancing between an over excited, emoji-filled chat and the webcam, and even his voice modifier can’t hide his hesitation. “I set the goal high enough that – No, no, I’m not backing out. I simply didn’t think people would pay $50,000 just to see my face.”

(Twitch Streamer AU: Get Good, Filthy Casual, ScrubLord)
ezlebe  au  humour  drama  series  25-50k  star_wars  the_force_awakens  kylo_ren/hux 
18 days ago by atomicduck
Shape-Changer - Fialleril - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
So I didn’t think I would ever write the beginning of Vader’s double agent career, but someone on tumblr sent me an ask about what Anakin’s initial motivation for turning double agent was, and to my surprise, fic happened.

I pondered a lot of different ways all of this could have started, but ultimately, Anakin rebuilds himself in the image of the survival narratives of Tatooine slavery. So it seemed fitting that everything should begin with a story.

Lovely beginning of an AU where Vader becomes a double agent.
star_wars  au  darth_vader 
18 days ago by norwich36
[Star Wars: The Force Awakens] Tokyo_the_Glaive - possession - Kylo Ren/Hux
The back of Kylo's neck prickled. The more he looked at the pair, the more something felt off. He was certain he didn’t know the blond man, but the other one felt familiar to him, and uncomfortably so. He stood watching for a moment longer, then, making sure no one was watching, vaulted over the railing. He had time.“I told you,” the slender one snapped, “don’t call me that.”

The slender one, unmistakably, was General Hux.

(Or, the one where Kylo and Hux both find themselves on Chandrila with lackluster dates for the local equivalent of Valentine's Day, a bit too much alcohol is imbibed, feelings are had, and animosity gives way to something else.)
tokyo_the_glaive  humour  drama  one-shot  5-10k  star_wars  the_force_awakens  kylo_ren/hux 
20 days ago by atomicduck
[Star Wars: The Force Awakens] can_we_swap_owls - Pocket Nova - Kylo Ren/Hux
Hux has a destiny to collide with and a galaxy to subjugate. Sex is a distraction for men who have the luxury of lesser aspirations.

And men on shore leave.

(Or: Hux takes shore leave. Naturally, Kylo Ren ruins it.)
can_we_swap_owls  humour  drama  short-story  10-25k  star_wars  the_force_awakens  kylo_ren/hux  wip 
20 days ago by atomicduck

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