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Letter from Dave Winer's Attorney | Workbench
I received this letter Friday from Christopher C. Cooke, Dave Winer's attorney: Mr. Winer has retained our firm and asked us to contact you about two related matters. If an attorney is representing you, please provide this letter to your attorney and have him or her contact me. First, we request that you return the $5,000 deposit that Mr. Winer
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8 weeks ago by po
The Rise and Demise of RSS
This version of events is far too kind to Winer.
He has done as much to sabotage RSS as promote it.
RSS is for sharing but only _his_ way. q.v. 17 U.S.C. 101, et seq.

Winer, in a message to me, said that he was not trying to control RSS and just wanted to use it in his products.
Rot and rubbish.

Ask Tim OReilly or Rogers Cadenhead, both of whom were once staunch defenders of Winer, what their lasting impression of him is.
Or work backwards from "17 U.S.C. 101, et seq...
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8 weeks ago by po
The Rise and Demise of RSS
Before the internet was consolidated into centralized information silos, RSS imagined a better way to let users control their online personas.
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9 weeks ago by coldbrain
The Rise and Demise of RSS
It's not going to overthrow Facebook and Twitter, but I'm glad Brent Simmons is back to working on NetNewsWire.
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9 weeks ago by Membranophonist
RSS to Mastodon
Service bridging RSS feeds and Mastodon, experimental / simple hack
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december 2018 by nelson
NetLine: Top B2B Content Syndication Lead Generation Network for B2B Marketers
Promote your B2B content with the largest B2B-specific content syndication lead generation network, using performance-based lead generation solutions to meet your demand generation goals. Identify and capture intent-based leads. Cost-per-lead campaigns start at $9 per lead.
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november 2018 by wmaceyka
Fetches and converts data between social networks, HTML and JSON with microformats2, ActivityStreams 1 and 2, Atom, JSON Feed, and more
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october 2018 by grantpotter
The Rise and Demise of RSS
There are two stories here. The first is a story about a vision of the web’s future that never quite came to fruition. The second is a story about how a collaborative effort to improve a popular standard devolved into one of the most contentious forks in the history of open-source software development.
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september 2018 by andrewjbates

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