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A Readable Specification of TLS 1.3
"This page is a biased copy of RFC 8446: The Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Version 1.3. It hides all sections that are unnecessary to the implementation of TLS 1.3 only."
tls  security  reference  readability  cryptography 
3 days ago by sometimesfood
Google Chrome EV表示の終焉 - ぼちぼち日記
chrome  browser  pki  tls  security 
4 days ago by summerwind
EV UI Moving to Page Info
ついに EV の意味もなくなってしまうのか。
chrome  pki  tls  security 
4 days ago by summerwind
Mozilla SSL Configuration Generator
An easy-to-use secure configuration generator for web, database, and mail software
nginx  ssl  configuration  generator  tls  tools 
5 days ago by rtsk
Spying on HTTPS | text/plain
When I launched Chrome on Thursday, I saw something unexpected: While most users probably would have no idea what to make of this, I happened to know what it means-- Chrome is warning me that the system configuration has instructed it to leak the secret keys it uses to encrypt and decrypt HTTPS traffic to…
security  tls  chrome 
9 days ago by geetarista

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