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Lights, camera, no action: why we shouldn’t mourn the death of the camcorder | Technology | The Guardian
John Lewis says sales of portable video cameras are ‘non-existent’. This may mark the end of an era defined by the hulking around of VHS monsters to create poor-quality home movies, but the alternative is even more troubling
3 hours ago by tonys
Panama Papers law firm Mossack Fonseca sues Netflix over The Laundromat | World news | The Guardian
Partners Jurgen Mossack and Ramon Fonseca want US court to stop the film being released on Friday
11 hours ago by tonys
John Lewis says Peaky Blinders flat caps and Fleabag jumpsuits in demand | Business | The Guardian
The store has also stopped selling drones after sales plummeted in the wake of the drone attack that disrupted Gatwick airport last Christmas.
[lots of interesting stuff in here]
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12 hours ago by libbymiller
Need an Uplifting Show or Another British Mystery? We’ve Got You - The New York Times
Go with “Glow” for the all the feels and “Prime Suspect” for your British crime fix.
yesterday by arnicas
Treadstone review – fast-paced Bourne series is a surprise success | Television & radio | The Guardian
Deftly avoiding franchise fatigue, this globe-hopping action caper ambitiously expands Robert Ludlum’s canvas for a fun, if functionally made, show
tv  film 
yesterday by tonys
My Letterman Databases – The Donz Blog by Don Giller
“I’d like to know more about your Letterman databases, please,” said no one ever.
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yesterday by xr

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