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Roy Fielding's protocol that influenced HTTP2 and now 3
Design  http  web  Networks  Technology  Architecture  adoption  BestPractices  REST 
6 hours ago by amaah
How to Turn an iPhone Into a Work-Only Tool - The New York Times
To prevent distractions, Conor Dougherty, an economics writer, dumped social media and anything fun — even his browser — from his smartphone. How to Turn an iPhone Into a Work-Only Tool
archive  ifttt  nyt  pinboard  technology 
6 hours ago by Agiza
Why do tech companies file so many weird patents?
Which brings us to the media coverage of these patents. Not only do most stories about flashy, strange patents misrepresent what filing a patent might actually mean, they also often misrepresent what the patent is actually for. “Sometimes I look at patents and think, what is going on with this internet outrage?” says Stephen Yelderman, a law professor at Notre Dame who used to work as a patent attorney in Silicon Valley. “It seems like people aren’t reading the patent and giving its fair due.” Patents are an odd type of document, and it takes some practice to understand what to look for. Remember, it’s just the claims that matter, but news stories often home in on other parts. “There will be an article written based on the title or the abstract, saying that this patent is claiming a broad idea that seems to cover half the internet, but when you look at the claims, they’re very specific,” says Ouellette.

Other times, coverage focuses on the illustrations. “It is very important to note that the pictures in a patent often don’t give you a great sense of what the patent actually covers,” Ouellette says. Often the pictures show one thing, and the claims the patent actually makes are a bit more tepid. Take the Amazon worker cage patent. The image is striking, a person standing inside a metal cage. But when you read the claims that Amazon is actually making in the patent, there’s nothing that specifically describes a cage at all. It turns out, those images are rarely ever created by the inventors themselves but are instead drawn up by the patent attorney or a special patent illustrator. (Facebook representatives did not respond to our requests for comment. A Sony representative told me that “we cannot comment on the details of these matter due to the confidentiality.”) Yelderman also says that sometimes patent attorneys have a bit of fun with the illustrations. “I once made an image that … for no reason, happened to include the text of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, just to see if anybody would notice, and it had nothing to do with the invention.” As far as he knows, no one has noticed....

It’s a good example for why there is still real value in reading the patents that companies apply for—not because doing so will necessarily tell you what they’re actually going to make, but because they tell you what problems the company is trying to solve. “They’re indicative of what’s on the engineer’s mind,” says Duan. “They’re not going to make the cage, but it does tell you that they’re worried about worker safety.” ... remember that they’re often equal parts real invention and sci-fi.
patents  technology  media_criticism  design_fiction 
7 hours ago by shannon_mattern
Americans Split on More Regulation of Big Tech
Close to half of U.S. adults (48%) in an Aug. 1-14 Gallup poll say the government should increase its regulation of technology companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Google. On the other hand, 40% believe government regulation of these firms shouldn't change and 10% think they should face less government regulation.
gallup  america  technology  technology_future 
13 hours ago by JohnDrake
Cars Steering GIF by Namaste Car - Find & Share on GIPHY
GIF cars, technology, auto, interior, hyundai, dashboard, transmission, steering wheel, steering, nios, gearbox, namaste car, i10, hyundai grand i10, hyundai grand i10 nios, hyundai i10, grand i10 nios Giphy ______
cars  technology  auto  interior  hyundai  dashboard  transmission  steering  wheel  nios  gearbox  namaste  car  i10  grand  wy 
16 hours ago by architektura
The Evolving Automotive Landscape: What’s Driving the Future? - Area Development
Dramatic changes in automotive technology are impacting the industry’s labor force, as legislative moves attempt to steer the industry’s future.
area-development-features  Matt  automotive-industry  tech  technology  high-tech  autonomous-vehicles  workforce  labor 
17 hours ago by areadevelopment
Who reckons it would be cool to see some ROLI in the movie? What d’ya reckon, ? Ca…
KeanuReeves  technology  Matrix4  from twitter_favs
18 hours ago by locks
Facebook audit of alleged anti-conservative bias fails to pinpoint any | Ars Technica
Report angers conservatives, who say bias is real and call audit a "smokescreen."
politics  culture  technology  2019 
21 hours ago by philjr
igorwojda/android-showcase: 💎Android application following best practices: Kotlin, coroutines, Clean Architecture, feature modules, tests, MVVM, static analysis...
💎Android application following best practices: Kotlin, coroutines, Clean Architecture, feature modules, tests, MVVM, static analysis... - igorwojda/android-showcase
android  app  example  best  practices  architecture  technology  howto  documentation  project  open  sourcegraph 
22 hours ago by aggregat4
Two Victorian views of how children ought to read
Two prefaces to Victorian texts by canonical authors, both addressed to parents, and both laying out particular visions of the young reader—but they could not be more different. For Ruskin in 1871, learning to read means learning not to dog-ear pages as part of a fastidious socialization process that involves subtle modulations of children’s behavior and movement as they come to handle books “lightly and deliberately.” By contrast, in 1890 Carroll envisages a whole host of unconventional usages—thumbing, cooing, dog-earing, rumpling, and kissing—that an audience too young to read will find for the last installment in his Alice series. Despite their varying viewpoints, though, both quotations offer moments of instruction in reading that are also instruction in not reading, if reading is conceived of as a purely mental activity: each writer imagines a child’s ideal physical, rather than intellectual, engagement with a book.
john-ruskin  lewis-carroll  reading  technology  victorian 
22 hours ago by xianoforange
Small towns are building esports meccas | VentureBeat
“Herz’s proclamation represents the core hope of every one of these cities. Frisco, like Katowice and Hangzhou, isn’t a metropolis. These are not fertile, highly diversified economies that tend to attract third-party investment. It makes sense, then, that the local economic stratum would be more open to a bet like esports.”
23 hours ago by fpaulus
To Power AI, This Startup Built a Really, Really Big Chip | WIRED
Will this breathe new life in Moore’s law? “COMPUTER CHIPS ARE usually small. The processor that powers the latest iPhones and iPads is smaller than a fingernail; even the beefy devices used in cloud servers aren’t much bigger than a postage stamp. Then there’s this new chip from a startup called Cerebras: It’s bigger than an iPad all by itself.”
23 hours ago by fpaulus

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