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GitHub - Steven-Hewitt/Entailment-with-Tensorflow: Accompanying notebook for the Entailment with Tensorflow article.
Textual Entailment with TensorFlow

This repo hosts the code associated with my O'Reilly article, "Textual entailment with TensorFlow: Using neural networks to explore natural language," published on DATE.

This article serves as an introduction to textual entailment, a simple natural language processing machine learning task, and guides you through creating a model that will accomplish this task. In natural language processing, the task of textual entailment attempts to answer the question of whether, given one text that is accepted as truth, another text is true, false, or indeterminable. The article, with the help of the code contained within this notebook, uses textual entailment as a practical example of the uses of word vectorization, recurrence in neural networks, LSTMs, and dropout as a regularization method.

Requirements and installation

In order to run this notebook, you'll need to install TensorFlow v1.0, Jupyter, NumPy, and Matplotlib.
tensorflow  text 
2 days ago by euler
TensorFlow Tutorial For Beginners (Article)
Very well-written tutorial! Shows clearly how to get data _in_ to tf.
tensorflow  ml  cv  python  tutorial 
3 days ago by stevenbedrick
Build and Install TensorFlow* on Intel® Architecture | Intel® Software
This is the first in a series of tutorials providing information for developers who want to build, install, and explore TensorFlow* optimized on Intel® architecture from sources available in the GitHub* repository.
tensorflow  intel 
3 days ago by ngaloppo

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