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Great news! Tix and abstract for The Intro to and Workshop from is up! Thanks…
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4 days ago by rukku
training-data-analyst/serving_embed.ipynb at master · GoogleCloudPlatform/training-data-analyst
Serving embeddings
This notebook illustrates how to:

- Create a custom embedding as part of a regression/classification model
- Representing categorical variables in different ways
- Math with feature columns
- Serve out the embedding, as well as the original model's predictions
TensorFlow  machine_learning  gcp 
4 days ago by amy
How to Use MLflow, TensorFlow, and Keras with PyCharm - The Databricks Blog
In this blog, we will focus on one of the factors: Minimal time to get started. In upcoming blogs, we will elaborate on the other factors, albeit we’ll briefly mention them here.

Let’s consider the level of effort it takes to get started using MLflow in your favorite IDE.
tensorflow  keras  pycharm  mlflow 
5 days ago by Tafkas

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