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Designing Services for Resilience: Netflix Lessons
Nora Jones talks about designing microservices for enabling resiliency testing and the moving parts we need to consider when designing them from the get go, and along their lifetime. She shares tips and tricks on how to design microservices for resiliency tests, examples of poorly designed services, and how to ensure pertinent design decisions are in place on a continuous basis.
microservice  testing  chaos 
yesterday by jessedavis
NDBench: Benchmarking Microservices at Scale
Vinay Chella and Ioannis Papapanagiotou designed a benchmarking system for Netflix's Cloud platform that can mimic the performance of production use cases. They showcase how the deployment, management, and monitoring of multiple instances can be done from a single entry-point (UI). They also show how they integrated a benchmarking tool into their release lifecycle.
benchmarking  testing  performance 
yesterday by jessedavis
Testing in Production - Quality Software Faster
Michael Bryzek explores what it’s like to build quality software with no development, QA or staging environments. He deep dives into “verifying in production” - what it takes to build software that can be tested continuously in production.
continuousintegration  testing 
yesterday by jessedavis
Five Underplayed Premises Of TDD | GeePawHill.Org
GeePaw talks about some benefits of TDD that we often take for granted after we've adopted the technique and been doing it awhile.
agile  testing  tdd  programming 
yesterday by jefframnani

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