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What to add to your Gitignore File
Hey, I'm Zell. I'm a designer, developer and writer. This is where I share everything I know.

development  tools  git  bestpractices  styleguide  setup  dotfiles 
yesterday by michaelfox
ink is a scripting language built around the idea of marking up pure-text with flow in order to produce interactive scripts.

At its most basic, it can be used to write a Choose Your Own-style story, or a branching dialogue tree. But its real strength is in writing dialogues with lots of options and lots of recombination of the flow.

ink offers several features to enable non-technical writers to branch often, and play out the consequences of those branches, in both minor and major ways, without fuss.

The script aims to be clean and logically ordered, so branching dialogue can be tested "by eye". The flow is described in a declarative fashion where possible.

It's also designed with redrafting in mind; so editing a flow should be fast.
ink  inkle  writing  gamedesign  gamedev  interactivefiction  tools  software  documentation 
yesterday by eugenexxv
Wakamai Fondue
Wakamai Fondue is a tool that tries to answer the question “What can my font do?”

Drop a font on it, or click the circle to upload one, and Wakamai Fondue will tell you about the features in the font. It will also give you all the CSS needed to actually use these features in your web projects!

Everything is processed inside the browser—your font will not be sent to a server!
tools  webdesign  fonts 
yesterday by mathieup
namebench DNS benchmark
Un outil pour diagnostiquer la performance de son DNS et en recommandé des meilleurs pour accélérer son internet.
google  network  internet  dns  performance  domain  testing  tools  speed 
yesterday by vitaminCPP
BP1 - Stanley No. 19 Knuckle Joint Block Plane.  V-Logo.  Fine.  __________________$41.25
yesterday by seanodonnell
OBD II Diagnostic Scan Tool | Cool Tools
Cool Tools review; $20, 2018-Apr-11. One reader recommended the BlueDriver scanner ($100) instead, which includes a smartphone app and handles mfg-specific diagnostic codes.
ODB-II  cars  tools 
yesterday by amoore
Peeklink | Customized Link Previews
I upvoted Peeklink on Product Hunt: Customized Link Previews for 🔥 Posts
ProductHunt  Twitter  Facebook  Social  Media  Tools  Marketing  LinkedIn  Customized  Link  Previews  for  🔥  Posts 
yesterday by glitchwitch
dataexplore — Linux software in the Snap Store
"DataExplore is an open source desktop application for data analysis and plotting intended for use in both research and education. The primary goal is to let users explore their tables interactively without any prior programming knowledge and make interesting plots as they do this. A variety of table analysis tools are provided. One advantage is the ability to load and work with relatively large tables as compared to spreadsheets. The focus is on data manipulation rather than data entry though cell editing and row/column changes are supported."
data  analysis  tools  linux 
yesterday by kevinrood
Deck of Brilliance
Idea generation tools for creative professionals.
deck  brainstorming  tools  framework  ideas  inspiration  team  collaboration  creativity 
yesterday by eugenexxv
Hyper Island Toolbox
A resource kit you can use to apply creative collaboration and unleash potential in your team or organization.
tools  hyperisland  brainstorming  creativity  collaboration  team  resources  ideas 
yesterday by eugenexxv

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