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Facebook Open Sources LogDevice - a Distributed Data Store for Log Storage
Facebook open sourced their internal distributed log storage project called LogDevice. It offers high write availability using replication, durable log storage and recovery from failure.
python  tutorial 
3 hours ago by cychong47
Python Best Practices – Real Python
Here you'll find specific resources that will teach you how to idiomatically use the features of Python, what sets it apart, and how writing in Python is different than writing code in another language.
python  tutorial 
3 hours ago by cychong47
charity-commission-extract/ at master · ncvo/charity-commission-extract · GitHub
First use these python scripts to extract the table files from the ZIP and transform into CSV files. (Never used python before? Start here)
commandline  charities  tutorial  charitycommission  databases  bcp  python 
4 hours ago by paulbradshaw

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