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CSS: The bad bits (and how to avoid them) - Joe Forshaw
If we’re disciplined, SASS/SCSS can help us out here. Defining all our z-indexes as variables together gives us the context we need.

$z-index-page: 100;
$z-index-navigation: 200;
$z-index-newsletter-modal: 300;
We can clearly see our newsletter modal goes above our navigation, which goes over our page content.

I also tend to work in hundreds so we can slot other z-indexes in between if we need. This doesn’t matter as much if every z-index is stored like above, since you can just easily update all the values just in the one place.
css  tutorial  bestpractices  article 
5 hours ago by sherbondy
How To Use Go Interfaces
I occasionally give free Go consults and code review on top of my daily work. As such, I tend to read a lot of other peoples’ codes. And while this is really more of a feeling *, I’ve seen an increase in what I call “Java-style” interface usage. This blog post is a Go specific recommendation from me, based on my experiences writing Go code, on how to use interfaces well. For this blog post, the running example will span two packages: animal and circus. A lot of what I write about here is about code at the boundary of packages.
go  golang  programming  tutorial  best_practice 
7 hours ago by danesparza
React Starter Kit - Learn React with this free interactive course
A free, 5-part video course with interactive code examples that will help you learn React
javascript  react  tutorial 
9 hours ago by ltalley

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